Royal Expert Says This Would Create A "Lose-Lose Situation" For Princes William And Harry

The dissolution of the relationship between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry has devastated royal watchers. William and Harry grew incredibly close after losing their mother, Princess Diana, in a car crash in 1997. However, after Harry began dating Meghan Markle, and with the couple eventually leaving the royal family entirely, the men have been driven further apart. As Express notes, their rift was discussed during documentary "2021: The Queen's Terrible Year," in which royal commentator Camilla Tominey pointed out, "I think we knew that Harry and William's relationship had changed over the years just because Harry himself admitted that they were on different paths."

Tominey also acknowledged their grandmother, the Queen, wouldn't take kindly to the two fighting since she's "a conflict avoider by nature." Royal photographer Arthur Edwards detailed how William and Harry grew up doing everything together, "and now they're not even talking to each other." As far as Edwards is concerned, if they're going to work things out, Harry needs to make the first move. The brothers last met in person at the statue unveiling for their late mother, back in July, in the U.K. They seemed to be in good spirits and were photographed chatting amiably at the time. However, Harry notably didn't attend a party in honor of the donors who made the statue happen.

Now, William and wife Kate Middleton are slated to make a trip across the pond themselves, but it might not be the happy reunion everyone is hoping for.

The Fab Four are set to reunite stateside

Us Weekly confirms Prince William and Kate Middleton are heading to the U.S. shortly, but unfortunately it's not likely they'll be rocking up to Montecito to stay with his brother, Prince Harry, and wife Meghan Markle. As royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti explained, "It's like so many of these things — it's a sort of lose-lose situation. If they get invited and they decline, it seems petty and nasty. And if they don't get invited, it seems petty and nasty from the other side. And if they do accept such an invitation and something goes terribly wrong, that seems like a bad idea. I can't quite see how this would work." William and Kate are traveling over for the Earthshot Prize's second annual awards ceremony. Slated for some time in the new year, it will mark the couple's first visit to America since 2014. 

Meghan and Harry, meanwhile, haven't been spotted publicly with the couple since March 2020. According to royal expert Stewart Pearce, however, the group is working through their issues. "I know that the four are talking with one another and they're talking by Zoom [and by] FaceTime," he shared. However, Omid Scobie, who co-wrote Meghan and Harry biography "Finding Freedom," clarified during a September interview with ET that there's still a long way to go, noting William was still struggling to get over Harry's decision to leave the royal family. Hopefully this upcoming trip has a positive outcome.