Jimmy Kimmel Has Harsh Words For Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has frequently been roasted on late night shows, and Jimmy Kimmel recently came out swinging for Trump Jr. on his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" over the most recent variant of Covid-19, Omicron. The new variant is highly mutated, was first detected in South Africa, and has been detected in a number of countries around the globe (from New York Times). With the new variant comes more conspiracy theories; the most recent one is that the Democrats have created the new variant as a way to help them at election time (via CNN).

Kimmel first mocked this in his opening monologue, saying "All right, let me get this straight, Dr. Ronny: Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi developed this variant to encourage Democrats to vote by mail. It seems like maybe you're giving them too much credit. You think Democrats are that organized? They can't even get Joe Manchin to support maternity leave — I don't think they're creating viruses" (per Daily Beast).

Then Kimmel came for Trump Jr.

Jimmy Kimmel calls Trump Jr. the weakest Trump variant

Kimmel hit on Trump Jr.'s Fox News rant at the American people and American media over vaccine mandates. "Meanwhile, the weakest variant of the Trump virus, Donald Jr., was waxing poetic about freedom this weekend on Fox News," Kimmel said (via Daily Beast).

Trump Jr. went on Fox News to complain that the media isn't covering the European vaccine protests, which is untrue, and to express that he's mad that Americans aren't protesting vaccine mandates the same way they are in Europe. He said "Europe is pushing back and America's sitting there like sheep like, 'Oh this is great we'll just go along with what these guys who have gotten nothing right in the last two years tell us.' It's absolute insanity" (from Vanity Fair).

Along with making fun of Trump Jr.'s complaints about vaccine mandates, Kimmel brought up then President Trump's theory around ingesting disinfectant as a way to battle Covid. "Your dad told us to drink bleach. They always seem to forget that."