New Details Have Emerged About The Sex And The City Reboot

It's been 11 years since the "Sex and the City" ladies have been on our tv screens. Some soothe the pain of the loss by binge-rewatching the sitcom, while others simply compare every show to it. Prayers were answered and excitement couldn't be contained when HBO Max announced a revival show, "And Just Like That," in January 2021 (via Instagram).

Ever since the revival was first teased, every "SATC" fan everywhere has hung on every word and every teasing post they could find that gave any inkling to what the show was going to look like. Over the past few months the pieces of the puzzle have gotten clearer and clearer, from paparazzi shots of the cast filming to teasing it themselves through their social media (via Page Six). While people held their breath in suspense waiting for every breadcrumb, the wait was over when the first trailer was finally released.

Big rides a Peloton -- of course!

On November 30, HBO Max finally shared a complete peek into the world of "And Just Like That" with an official trailer (via YouTube). The trailer manages to jam pack tons of details and new updates within the short 1 minute and 41 seconds. Fans have finally gotten the confirmation that Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte all still seem to be married to the husbands we last saw them with. There's also a slight peek into the types of roles that some of the new characters will play. Sara Ramirez seems to be featured as a podcaster while Sarita Choudhury and Nicole Ari Parker seem to play the roles of new friends of the ladies (via Huffington Post).

Fans get a few snippets of Charlotte's children all grown up, but what fans really enjoyed was getting a shot of Big on a Peloton — a combo we never knew we needed. It appears that most of the original actors (aside from Kim Cattrall as Samantha, of course) will be reprising their past roles, but the endearingly wholesome ad has left fans wanting. As of now, it remains unclear what drama or struggles the ladies will go through. 

The revival will begin airing on HBO Max on December 9 (via Variety). And just like that, it was worth the wait...