Kate Middleton's Casual Look That Has Everyone Talking

With every event she attends, the first thing that catches people's eyes is what look Kate Middleton chooses to opt for. Always simple, elegant, and classic, The Duchess of Cambridge never fails to fully understand the assignment. On the rare occasion, she does manage to shock or surprise fans with her choices given certain events — but regardless, she always pulls it off. 

You can generally expect to see the Duchess sporting simple, monochromatic, and effortlessly chic looks (via Town & Country). Whenever Kate decides to switch things up with a bold or unique outfit, everyone notices. This was definitely the case on December 2, 2021 while Kate attended an art event. While everyone should've been preoccupied with the stunning pieces at the Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices stole the show (via Daily Mail).

Kate Middleton's paisley blouse is styled perfectly

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, visited London's Victoria & Albert Museum to browse the raved about new exhibition that showcased over 200 glittering objects curated by the famous Carl Fabergé (via People). Kate had plenty of reasons to be there. First of all, the Duchess studied art history and received a degree in it at St. Andrew's University, and the exhibit itself featured three famous eggs that were donated by the Queen. 

While Kate explored the exhibit and analyzed each piece closely, people were analyzing her outfit. The Duchess made a rare bold decision and decided to sport a loud patterned outfit. She styled her blue, red, and teal paisley Ralph Lauren top by tying up the pussy bow and pairing it with some classic black trousers to let the blouse be the star of the show (via InStyle).

The look had a '70s vibe to it, and Kate topped it off perfectly with a bouncy curly ponytail and gold hoop earrings. As always, she completed the look with her iconic natural makeup featuring a subtle smoky eye and glowing skin peeking through her black face mask (via Hello Magazine). Her entire look was more casual than people are used to, but as always Middleton manages to curate it all together perfectly to create an effortless stylish look.