Kate Middleton And Kendall Jenner Are Having A Twinning Moment With This Accessory

It's hard to imagine there being any kind of link between the Royal family and the Kardashian/Jenners. Sure, some would argue the Kardashians are their American equivalent — it would be a reach, but a comparison nonetheless. A powerful all-seeing matriarch at the helm. Siblings relationships falling apart. An unspoken sworn secrecy amongst them. Links could definitely be drawn. 

But one area where you'll be hard pressed to draw a comparison would have to be style. The Queen wouldn't be caught dead in some of Kris Jenner's looks, and somehow we just can't see Kate Middleton rocking up in an all black masked outfit with her ponytail popping out — just doesn't quite work, does it? (via The Guardian).

And yet, somehow the Duchess of Cambridge and Kendall Jenner have been caught having a little twinning moment that no one could've expected from the future queen of England and the supermodel. When worlds collide...

This isn't their first jewelry twinning moment

When people started noticing that Kendall Jenner and Kate Middleton were repeatedly seen wearing the exact same earrings, it was understandably confusing (via People). Sure, one thing the royal family and Karjenners have in common is being rich. So, granted they're likely to pick out the same designer brands on occasion, right? Well, what makes this twinning moment that much more shocking is that said earrings were actually from a small independent Welsh business. 

Spells of Love is a small jewelry business founded by Hayley Jones in Wales, and her $105 Gold Angular Hoops seem to be both of their favorites. Jones told People, "To have the Duchess of Cambridge and Kendall Jenner both wear my earrings, it's so surreal, I don't think it will ever fully sink in!" She added, "Having both women wear my earrings has been so amazing and it has helped my business so much. I'm so grateful." 

This isn't the first time the two have been linked by jewelry. Grazia Magazine once reported that Jenner and Kate had both been fans of Monica Vinader's Alta Capture Bracelet, as well as Meghan Markle. Their lives may be worlds apart, but when it comes to taste in jewelry it seems the Jenners have more in common with the royal family than you'd think.