Where Does Jackee Harry Keep Her 1987 Emmy Award?

If you're a fan of the soap operas, you surely know the name of Jackée Harry. She's a new and very welcome addition to the cast of "Days of Our Lives," playing the role of Paulina Price. She injects a much-needed dose of laughter into what is often an overly-dramatic medium. While Harry actually began her acting career by working on a different soap opera, "Another World," she is best known for her comedic roles as the mom on "Sister, Sister" and before that as Sandra on '80s sitcom "227." In fact, this last-named role even won Harry an Emmy in 1987 for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

But do you know where Harry actually keeps this very special award she received? If so, please contact her immediately! According to an interview Harry did with TV Insider, she may still be wondering exactly where that darn Emmy statuette may have gone.

Harry may have misplaced her statuette

No, Jackée Harry's Emmy statuette hasn't been stolen, nor has she sold it or given it away. As Harry told TV Insider when they asked about her award "I recently moved so it's here somewhere." Don't you hate how that goes? You carefully pack up all of your favorite things, only to realize that one cardboard box looks exactly like another, and any time you open one it's nothing but surplus Tupperware or socks you never wear. Well, whaddya know, even famous folks can have their prized possessions fall into the swamp of "around here somewhere," which means, if you're lucky, it'll turn up eventually (probably when you're desperately searching for light bulbs or the cat's spare collar).

It's not that Harry doesn't hold her Emmy in high regard. As she says of the award, "I'm very proud of it. It means a lot." She explains, "I wish more people would give women of color roles in which they could show their chops. We have people on shows, but they're not getting the material where they can show what they can really do" (via TV Insider). While she names Viola Davis as an amazing Black actress, she says Davis is known mostly for dramatic roles. Harry says, "I'm hoping we get some more Supporting Actresses in a Comedy Series winners who are women of color," and this is a hope that we all share with her.