Try Out This Makeup Trend If You're An Aquarius

Each sign has its own quirks, and this perhaps is truest for Aquarians. An Aquarius has their own perfect coffee order because of their unique perspective on life, and Aquarians should consider certain careers because they don't like to be tied down too firmly in life. In fact, Co—Star Astrology explains that Aquarians love the idea of humanity more than any individual people, and it's this separation of ideals and reality that allows them to wander in life and create their own paths.

An Aquarius' self-care routine is essentially their whole life. They know how to take care of themselves because they know that they're ultimately the person they're stuck with forever. Because of this, an Aquarius' makeup skills are particularly keen. They know their face and understand what looks good on them. After all, it's the only face they'll ever have. Because of this, there's one particular makeup trend that best fits Aquarians, whether they fall into it naturally or stumble upon it.

Aquarians need a makeup look that's zany and colorful

Aquarius is an air sign, which means they travel as much as they can and are never timid in their self-expression. Many mistake them to be a water sign because "aqua" is in their sign's name, and while they're not a water sign, water may have something to do with their best makeup trend.

According to MissMalini, Aquarians are especially poised to take on watercolor tie-dye eye looks. Makeup is generally rooted in self-expression, but watercolors prove that Aquarians aren't afraid to be bold or striking, just as the tie-dye aesthetic shows this. The latter also highlights how Aquarians don't box themselves into one or two categories in life. They let themselves be colorful and playful — limitless.

This aesthetic is particularly excellent for Aquarians because there's no singular way to represent it. According to L'ORÉAL's Makeup website, possible looks include rainbow eyes, a neon take on tie-dye, a swirly tie-dye look, and a pastel tie-dye look, among many other ideas. As long as many colors are incorporated into the eye, the possibilities for a tie-dye look are endless. Aquarians don't have to stick to traditional rainbow colors, either. Throw in pinks, blacks, and browns and see how many new looks can be made.

Happy (face) painting!