Try Out This Makeup Trend If You're A Pisces

Ah, Pisces. Perhaps the most creative sign of the zodiac, Pisces embody both the old and the new (via Co—Star Astrology). It's because of this that people get things wrong about Pisces. They're simultaneously the first sign to take on new challenges, like TikTok, and to casually dress in old Hollywood glamor. They transcend time, which is why their creative juices are endless. They have a never ending wealth of knowledge that keeps their passion and creativity flowing.

Pisces are romantic, and they love thinking about dreams and signs from the universe. They believe very strongly in fate — this is perhaps why Pisces should befriend certain other signs, as some signs don't believe in fate much — and all of these traits combine to make Pisces a sign that's very expressive in their everyday life. They don't need a special occasion to go all-in on a fashionable look, or their makeup.

Pisces find comfort in presenting themselves boldly. After all, it's part of a Pisces' self-care routine. Because of this, there is one particular makeup trend that all Pisces adore.

Pisces like traditional makeup, except for their eyebrows

Most Pisces fall into a rhythm with their makeup routines. They're creative and know what they're doing, so they can sit and stamp a perfect face of makeup on at any time, even when trying something new. However, there's one constant for Pisces that everyone in this sign seemingly loves. According to MissMalini, it's none other than fluffy brows.

MissMalini notes that Pisces typically opt for soft glamor on a daily basis, though they're never afraid to experiment with makeup or wear something bold. Because of this, Pisces gravitate toward fluffy brows as the big "wow" moment on their face. They want their brows to look full, rich in color, and, most of all, effortless.

To accomplish a fluffy brow, you must first start with shaping it. Real Simple explains that you don't want to tweeze too many hairs out; the more you leave on your head, the fluffier you can make them. Then, once shaped, prime your eyebrows with your favorite primer product by lifting them up. This is also when you fill in any empty space with light strokes of an eyebrow pencil. This makes your brows look fuller.

Once you've primed, fluffed, and filled them in, you can set the brows in place with hairspray. Real Simple also adds that blending in some concealer directly under your eyebrows will help them pop even more.

Happy brow carving!