How To Gift Wrap Fragile Items

It's the time of year when Christmas trees with elaborate lighting displays and ornaments are being put up, and holiday music can be heard in every corner of the world. We're only a few weeks away from trees being piled with gifts underneath them, and in the meantime, there are plenty of new Christmas movies to get people in the holiday spirit. Of course, as goes with this time of year, the White House's Christmas decorations have people talking, too.

Wrapping Christmas gifts to nestle under the tree is always one of the most stressful events leading up to the big day. Some suffer through it; others relegate gifts to gift bags. In either case, it's usually not a fun time, even for those who love wrapping presents. Still, there are some tips that can help make you wrap Christmas gifts like a pro, including fragile items that otherwise prove challenging.

Padding fragile gifts with tissue paper just reached a new level

Wrapping gifts can be a pain, but you can have the nicest gifts on Christmas morning with just a few pointers. For example, Country Living recommends investing in some double-sided tape. This allows for neat wrapping without scrambling with your tape. Moreover, don't be afraid to break out a tape measure or a ruler. According to Food52, too little or too much wrapping paper can greatly affect your final product. Ensuring you're using the right amount leads to a precise end product that will look good and be fun to unwrap.

When dealing with fragile items, especially those of weird shapes, look no further than your standard gift wrapping materials. According to Groupon, the best approach may be to set down your work of art or fragile item and use tissue paper to round out its shape. Once you've gotten the item into a solid rectangle, square, or other workable shape, you can begin wrapping it like normal. However, you'll need to warn the person to whom you're gifting the fragile item that some corners or other areas of the wrapped item are tissue paper and that they'll need to be careful when holding and unwrapping it.

Who knew tissue paper could make such a big difference outside of gift bags?