This GOP Governor Is Turning Heads With His Prediction About Donald Trump

Donald Trump continues to hedge his bets about whether a 2024 presidential run is on the cards, but all signs seem to be pointing to the affirmative. As the Independent notes, regardless of what the former reality star decides, until he says either way, the GOP isn't going to nominate anybody else. 


Trump has consistently held rallies, given interviews, and made statements — despite having no ostensible reason to do so — suggesting he's at least considering running again. He may run again only to exonerate himself following a humiliating defeat to Joe Biden in 2020, which Trump still maintains wasn't a real loss, of course.

Former aides reasoned that the "Apprentice" host wouldn't risk losing again because his infamously fragile ego can't take it, but Trump continues to stoke the fires, particularly during his appearances on Fox News. 

There are already people working behind the scenes to see whether Trump running again would even be feasible in key battleground states, especially if he has to go up against President Biden again. Politico revealed data gathered by pollster Fabrizio Lee that confirmed Trump was doing well in almost all of the areas he'd previously lost.


Trump almost announced a 2024 run in August 2021, in the wake of President Biden's withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, but was talked out of it.

If Trump does decide to run again, however, he might not have the whole party behind him.

Larry Hogan expressed serious concerns about a 2024 Trump run

According to Business Insider, during a recent appearance on Fox News, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan suggested that Donald Trump won't be running for president again in 2024. However, if he does, Hogan reckons it would be the wrong move for all concerned. 


"I think that'd be bad for the party and bad for President Trump and bad for the country," he said. "So, I don't think he's gonna run, and I would — my advice would be that he did not run." 

The governor, who's currently in his second and final term of office, which is set to culminate at the end of January 2022, didn't confirm whether he'd consider running for president himself, however, noting simply that he was keeping his options open.

Although Trump maintains a chokehold on the GOP, not all of its members are in his corner. Hogan has been a frequent and very vocal critic of the former reality star and his supporters, even suggesting that Republicans who refuse to speak out in opposition to Trump's demonstrably bad behavior are simply too "concerned about retaliation." 


"They're concerned about being attacked within the party," he said. "And it just bothers me that you have to swear fealty to the 'Dear Leader,' or you get kicked out of the party. It just doesn't make any sense." 

Likewise, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confirmed during an appearance on "Axios on HBO" that he's not backing down from a fight against Trump.