Flower Tattoos That Are Perfect For Men

Flower tattoos are some of the most popular around the world. It can be challenging to find flower tattoos that haven't been overdone if you want to get something unique, but doing plenty of research on flowers before scheduling your next tattoo appointment is always worth it. Flowers have specific meanings and looks, and people can glean these meanings from your body depending on what flower you get tattooed on you. If you're not careful, you could get something completely opposite of what you wanted.

For example, the meaning of a cherry blossom tattoo is completely different from that of a lily tattoo's meaning (via Inked Magazine). This is made even more challenging for men, who are often held back from getting flower tattoos because of society's notion that flowers are inherently feminine. According to Muse Magazine, flowers are aligned in society and culture with fertility and therefore women, so for a man to get a flower tattooed on his body would mean he's inherently aligning himself with the feminine. This is a direct side effect of large scale toxic masculinity.

More and more men are fighting back against the pressures of societally-driven toxic masculinity, including getting the tattoos they want rather than the ones they feel they need to get. This includes flower tattoos, and some are more popular than others.

These flowers are perfect for your next tattoo

Flower tattoos on men might seem taboo, but they're perfectly normal and should be treated as such. Certain flowers also look particularly great on men, though no flower species is off-limits. In fact, according to The Trend Spotter, some of the most popular tattoos on men are the same species that are popular on women. These include daisies and roses, which can symbolize love and strong relationships/bonds.

Another popular flower for men is the lotus. Next Luxury explains that men are often drawn to this flower because it looks less like other flowers and is more geometric in shape. It's a unique take on flower tattoos in most men's minds, though the lotus in this style is also associated with Japanese cultural practices so it can fall into cultural appropriation territory very quickly.

If men want something historical or mythological, they can opt for a narcissus tattoo (via The Trend Spotter). This flower shares a name with the Greek figure who was obsessed with his own reflection — it's also the root of the word "narcissism" today — and it embodies a lavish shape, which makes for a beautiful tattoo.

Other popular tattoo flowers for men, per The Trend Spotter, include forget me nots, hibiscus flowers, and flower designs that feature skulls. The addition of the skull is typically to make the tattoo feel more "manly," but this combination has also been around forever. It's a classic choice that can serve as someone's gateway into flower tattoos.