Everything We Know About Jamie Lee Curtis' Daughter, Annie

Jamie Lee Curtis is a woman of many talents. As an actor, she's known for her roles in films like "A Fish Called Wanda," "True Lies," "Freaky Friday," and the iconic "Halloween" series.

Off-screen, Curtis is an author and philanthropist. She's written 12 books for children (per AARP). Her company, My Hand In Yours, donates 100% of its sales to benefit Children's Hospital Los AngelesĀ (per People).

In her personal life, Curtis has been married to Christopher Guest since 1984. Known for his writing and acting in "This Is Spinal Tap," Guest is also a director, musician, and composer. Together, this talented couple has 2 daughters, Annie and Ruby (per Closer).

Balancing an acting career and parenthood was difficult. "My memory of 'A Fish Called Wanda' is that I cried every day to and from work," Curtis told USA Today. She spoke of the emotional toll of "leaving my sleeping 6-month-old daughter, going to work an hour away and then working 12 hours, sometimes more, and then an hour back, often to a child asleep again."

Eventually, Curtis was able to choose jobs that enabled her to prioritize her role as a parent. Referencing her longtime stint as a spokesperson for Activia yogurt, she told USA Today, "it was a gig that allowed me to stay home and be a mom the way I needed to be a mom." Here's everything we know about Curtis' oldest child, Annie.

Jamie Lee Curtis adopted Annie and wrote a book about the experience

Annie Guest was born on December 13, 1986 (per Very Celeb). Jamie Lee Curtis adopted Annie in 1986 soon after she was born in an open adoption. In an interview for Pact's Point of View, the actor discussed her fertility struggles and how she and husband Christopher Guest met Annie's birth mother.

Motherhood was a life-changing experience for the actor. In 1993, Annie inspired Curtis to write her first book, "When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old's Memoir of Her Youth." "She walked into my office, all petulant and sweet, and announced that 'when I was little I used to wear diapers, but now I use the potty,'" the Halloween actor reminisced about Annie when she was four (per Education and Career News). "The idea that she had thought about her life in the past," Curtis mused, "when she was really just four, made me smile." Immediately, Curtis had the book's title and a draft of the story, in the form of a list comparing all the new skills her daughter had acquired.

A few years later, Curtis drew on the experience of adopting Annie for her children's book, "Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born" (per Parents). In their review of the book, Publisher's Weekly praised its honest approach to the topic, writing, "Curtis deftly addresses the logistics of adoption in a matter-of-fact manner that radiates love and reassurance."

Dancing is one of Annie's lifelong passions

When she was a child, Annie Guest joined her mom on set, at movie premieres and other media events (per Very Celeb). While she shares her parents' love of performance, Guest's talents center on dance. Her lifelong love began when she started dancing at age 3 (per Bustle). At age 8, Guest joined the MNR Dance Factory in Los Angeles, where she spent 8 years competing all over the world with the studio's dance team. By age 16, Guest had begun teaching dance.

Guest studied dance in college and earned her BFA at Ohio's Kenyon College. She was awarded the title of best choreographer while at Kenyon. After she graduated in 2009, Guest worked as an Artistic Associate at The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage in Santa Monica, Calif. She also returned to her dancing roots and serves as co-director of MNR Dance Factory's team. With her extensive teaching skills, Guest has taught many styles of dance, including ballet, jazz/contemporary, tap, and hip-hop. In addition, she also specializes in teaching dancers with ASD and motor/neurodevelopmental disorders (per AmoMama).

Annie Guest got married in 2019

In July 2019, Annie Guest married Jason Wolf in Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest's backyard (per People). To celebrate the day, she wore a breathtaking Zac Posen gown with dramatic puffed sleeves. With beaming smiles, Guest and her mother posed for a photo, which Curtis later shared on Instagram. "A spectacular celebration yesterday at our home for the marriage between our daughter Annie and Jason Wolf. A loving, familial blending with laughs and tears and truth. Proudest MOB."

Aside from milestone moments, Guest is seldom seen on social media. Even though she grew up in with parents in "show off business" (Curtis' term), Guest values a quieter, more private life (per The Things). However, she and her sister Ruby still join their mom on the red carpet. Recently, Curtis posted an Instagram picture at the premiere of "Halloween Ends." Standing between her daughters, Curtis captioned the photo, "My family. Proudest mother. Loving support."

A day later, the whole family stepped out together again when Curtis was honored with a hand and footprint ceremony at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre (per Pop Sugar). During her speech, Curtis thanked her family, saying, "I am proud to be the wife of Christopher Guest. I am so proud to be the parent of Annie Guest and Ruby, and I'm really proud to be a friend to so many people who share everything with me: good, bad, hard, soft, joyful, tragic. Because that's the beautiful part of life."