How To Gift Wrap A Blanket Or Scarf

Christmas is right around the corner, and it's time to finally get everyone's gifts wrapped and ready to be opened on the big day. That's easier said than done, though, as some gifts prove to be largely challenging each year when it comes to wrapping them in a presentable manner. Gift wrapping a candle is hard, for example, and so is gift wrapping fragile items. People spend a lot of time planning and purchasing these presents, so they naturally want them to look perfect when gifted.

Fear not, though. You just need a few tips to gift wrap like a pro every time. According to the Science Explorer, never be afraid to break out the measuring tape when wrapping presents. Cutting your wrapping paper in quantities that are either too big or too small can lead to less than desirable results. Your gifts either won't be fully covered, or there will be too much paper scrunched up on the ends of your item. At the same time Country Living suggests adding ribbon for a nice touch. You can also cover any creases that don't turn out as well as you'd like. Ribbon looks festive and fun, and the pop of color is always welcome. Plus, no one will know you tied it on for your own sneaky purposes.

Still, some items are more difficult to wrap, even if you apply these tips. These include blankets and scarves that don't have a firm shape, but there are always ways to make them work to your advantage.

Gift wrapping a blanket is much easier than you think

Gift wrapping blankets and scarves is challenging but not impossible. According to Touchy Gift, the easiest method for wrapping these items is placing them in boxes. Whether you opt for an old Amazon delivery box or a Christmas-specific clothing gift box, these boxes are much easier to wrap than attempting to wrap the blankets or scarves in their loose states.

When asked about this on Quora, some users responded that blankets and scarves are easier to wrap if they're folded into tight squares. This formation doesn't require any special movements. Rather, you just fold the blanket or scarf into a neat square as you'd normally store one, and then tuck them in over themselves to "seal" them in a way. They're also easier if put into a "snake" formation and then curled inward, making a spiraled, circular item that's tight and will wrap easily. If not putting the item in a box, forming a tight seal in any shape is bound to help.

Of course, you can also opt for a gift bag if you don't want to mess with the hassle. For a cute mantle display, scarves, since they're small enough, could be tucked adequately into a stocking for a sweet presentation. Krostrade even recommends alternative wrapping options such as folding the blanket and sliding it into a pillow case or using old newspapers as wrapping paper. There are ultimately a thousand crafty ways to present a scarf or blanket, and they'll all undoubtedly feel special to their recipients.

Happy wrapping!