TikTok Hacks That Will Change The Way You Gift Wrap

There is nothing better than seeing people's face light up when they've just opened the present you got them. Unfortunately, before you can get there, you're going to need to wrap it. Sometimes that can be the most challenging part, especially if you've got an oddly shaped item. Heck, it can be challenging to wrap a regular-shaped item. Thankfully, TikTok is here to save the day — yet again.

The app has everything from dancing to fashion hacks, but the real hidden gems are all of the gift-wrapping videos. Whether you're trying to learn the basics of wrapping or get a little fancy with it, TikTok will not let you down (via Huffington Post). Because, let's be honest, we could all use a little help when it comes to getting gift wrapping just right.

Here are some of the best gift wrapping hacks on TikTok, so you can wow the person you bought for without them even having to open the package. Ready for the best part? You won't need anything other than wrapping paper. 

Make a wrapping paper bag for oddly shaped items

We've all been there. You finally find the perfect gift and it's time to wrap. It won't fit in the box you bought and you have no larger boxes left. That's where this TikTok hack comes in. TikTok user Lindsay Roggenbuck found the perfect way to wrap those oddly shaped items that you can't seem to disguise — make a wrapping paper bag (via New York Post). 

According to the TikTok, just cut your paper, fold it into thirds, and fold up the bottom. Then fold the wrapping paper to make a flat bottom. After that, you have an open top to slide the gift in. Once you've got the item into the paper, just fold a small part over and over, accordion style, until you've gotten it closed. You'll not only have a presentable gift, but the person will have no idea what you're gifting them. 

This way of wrapping would be perfect for stuffed animals, dog toys, and, you know, anything else that doesn't come in box. 

Cut slits for circular items

Of all the oddly shaped items out there, cylinder-shaped items are some of the most frustrating. Or course, some of them, like candles and reusable cups, are some of the best items to gift. Thankfully, TikTok has you covered with how to wrap them so you can gift away (via New York Post). According to Lennia on TikTok, wrapping those oddly shaped items are all about where to cut with your scissors. You're just a few snips away from having the perfect wrapped present.

All you have to do is measure and cut how much paper you'd need for the item as normal. After that, instead of folding the paper at the bottoms, snip them into little slits. It will look like fringe all around the bottom. To get the wrapping just right, you'll want to fold each piece onto the bottom of the item so that it's completely covered. We're not sure why no one has thought of this before, because the idea is genius.

Make your own wrapping paper box

If you're looking for a way to wrap an unconventional present that's a little more structured, then this hack is for you. Similar to the other two hacks, it involves making your own shape out of wrapping paper and cutting in unconventional ways. As TikTok user Chantel Mila found, you can actually make your own box out of wrapping paper (via Huffington Post). It's a whole lot easier than you might think, too. 

All you have to do to make your own box is measure the wrapping paper like you normally would, but this time fold it flat into quarters. That way, you'll get a structured box. Then, fold the ends in and cut the corners off in a triangle shape. Once you unfold them, you can slide in the item and tie the ends with a ribbon. You really can't beat this presentation.

No matter what you're wrapping this year, these TikTok hacks prove that good 'ole wrapping paper won't ever let you down.