The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Pisces

If you have a Pisces in your life, consider yourself lucky. These signs – born between February 19 and March 20 – are known as one of the most emotional of the Zodiac, but don't think that they're just a bunch of softies. Pisces – ruled by the feet – knows how to discern right from wrong, oftentimes serving as a positive, but crucial, voice of reason (via Allure). They're dreamers as much as they are realists, and while they might have an obsession with crystals, tarot cards, and "vibes," they're the sign that you really want to have around as often as possible. After all, who will keep you grounded while also allowing you to dream with your head up in the clouds?

Given that Pisces are so multifaceted, trying to find a gift for them can be a difficult challenge. Pisces are all about balance – while they have a reputation for always staring off into space, this sign can be just as focused and nitty gritty as a Capricorn if they put their mind to it. With that knowledge in your mind's eye, it's important to give the Pisces in your life something that appeals to their soft, creative side, as well as to their functional, efficient side. Stuck on what to get them? Don't worry, we have you covered – this way, you won't have to worry about spending hours scrolling on Amazon with no luck. Here is the ultimate gift guide for a Pisces.

Opt for musically-based gifts for Pisces

Believe it or not, but Pisces are one of the most musically inclined signs of the Zodiac. According to Mella Music, an inclination towards music "comes naturally" to our Pisces friends, so with that in mind, why not opt for a gift that is indicative of one of their favorite musical artists? Calling Pisces "musical and sentimental by nature," astrologer Lisa Stardust told Refinery29 that one of the best music-based gifts to give a Pisces this year is apparel, something that they can have as their "go-to item of clothing."

With that in mind, why not give the Pisces in your life the Nirvana Unplugged T-Shirt Dress from Urban Outfitters? Pisces are known for being incredibly creative, as well as trendy, so if you have a Pisces in your social circle who can't get enough of on-brand clothing and that cute, rocker-punk aesthetic that is making a comeback, this t-shirt dress is the perfect choice. Just wait for them to pair it with a cool harness belt, a black leather skirt, and Docs – you won't be the best dressed in the room for long. If apparel isn't really your Pisces' thing, why not opt for another great visual? The Freddie Mercury Live Poster, also from Urban Outfitters, is a great choice for Pisces. The beautiful cool blue color of the poster will be a perfect addition to their bedroom. And bonus! It's only $10.

Tap into the Pisces' dream state and choose one of these sleep themed presents

Pisces is a water sign, and just like their element, those born between February 19 and March 20 embrace everything around them. Being so empathetic can be exhausting for our Pisces friends, though, so what better way to treat them then with sleep oriented gifts? Rest is incredibly important, but there are different products that will really elevate the quality of sleep that the Pisces in your life gets on a nightly basis.

Let's start with an eye mask. While we may think of eye masks as a circa 1990s option for middle school sleepovers (because we all thought we looked so cool), eye masks are actually incredibly beneficial. So why not opt to purchase the Silk Sleep Mask from Blissy for the Pisces in your circle? According to its description, the mask is "gentle" on the skin and is "the perfect compliment to your beauty routine." It comes in 30 different colors, and even includes a traveling case – perfect for the Pisces on the go.

To round out their elevated night of sleeping, give the gift of soft, silk pajamas to the Pisces that needs that little bit of rest. The washable silk pajama set from Lunya is the perfect option, and it's the company's No. 1 best seller! The colors are interchangeable, the material is delicious, and the Pisces in your life will be forever grateful.

Give the Pisces in your life one of these mystical gifts

While an earth sign like Virgo would turn to cold hard facts to guide their thoughts and actions, Pisces are so attuned to the world – and people – around them that just their gut can tell them what to do. For the mystical Pisces in your life who is in tune with their spidey senses, why not gift them some tarot, palm reading, and astrology-based gifts? It'll resonate with their intuition – plus, there are great ways to personalize these gifts, too.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust told Refinery29 that, "Your Pisces bestie has a deep and mystical side since they are one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac." So with that in mind, why don't you get them a written guide to palm reading? "Out of Your Hands" by Beleta Greenaway is available at Target and is "a complete guide" when it comes to palm reading. From "practical interpretations" to "mystic insights," this guide book will help the Pisces in your life become that much more clued into the world and people around them. Plus, if they read your palm, you'll benefit from the gift too!

If tarot cards are more your Pisces' thing, turn to Etsy for some gorgeous options. Sure, you could run to your nearby store and pick up the first deck you see, but why not incorporate your Pisces' own aesthetic into the gift? If the Pisces in your life is earthy and natural, opt for this Neutral Vibes Tarot Deck by Printagrams. If your Pisces has a green thumb, this deck by HTF4Tarot will fulfill all their desires. And for the nostalgic Pisces, this vintage set from CraftCardsStore will be the perfect choice.