If You're A Cancer, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

If you were born under the sign of the Crab, it's likely you've been through some tough times over the past year. Okay, a good part of this is simply due to what we call the human condition –- everyone has their ups and downs, and in the space of 365 days you'll likely cycle through any number of these. Not to mention, on a national or worldwide level, this year has had its share of challenges, what with the ongoing pandemic, the economic impact, and the hot-button political issues that continue to divide us. Cancers, though, are among the most emotional of the signs, so it's likely you may have felt the upheavals more strongly than most.

Well, new year, clean slate, right? Maybe things aren't quite so simple as that, but the start of 2022 is as good a time as any to take a look at what's going on in your life and determine what comes under your sphere of control and -– as regards that area alone — what changes you can and should be making. Hence the whole tradition of New Year's resolutions. Some of the most typical ones involve making tweaks to our health, financial plans, and career plans, but if you don't have any clear-cut goals in mind, you could always look to the stars for guidance. Several astrologers, it seems, have determined that Cancer's resolution for 2022 should involve a change to their social group.

Rethink your relationships with friends

As per the astrologers at StyleCaster, 2022 for Cancers is all about that friend squad. Their suggested resolution for you is to basically vet this friend group, meaning, you should decide whether or not they are serving your needs. They say you should look for friends who are "positive, responsible, loving and supportive," with the implication being that if yours don't come up to snuff in any of these areas, you may wish to replace them, stat.

Perhaps that sounds a bit cold to you, or maybe you're more of an introverted Crab and you don't really care to run around with a whole gang, supportive and loving or otherwise. It could be that you are more family-oriented, as Cancers tend to be, and you're not exactly going to upgrade your parents and siblings to the 2.0 version. That's ok, since AstroFame has a different spin on what your New Year's resolution should be. They note that Cancers are often disappointed if they put too much faith in their friends, since friends are only human, after all (except for the furry kind), so they're likely to let you down now and then. What they suggest is strengthening yourself emotionally so you can be your own support instead of needing your friends to prop you up. That way, you can either enjoy the friends you have, warts and all, or else just go your own way as a happy solo Crab.