What You Didn't Know About John Madden's Children

The sports world has been left reeling by the heartbreaking death of legendary broadcaster John Madden. Per ESPN, the former Hall of Fame coach, who enthusiastically called games for 30 years, died at the age of 85 this past Tuesday morning. No cause of death was offered, but the league confirmed his passing was unexpected. Madden initially found fame while coaching the Oakland Raiders over a successful ten-year stint, during which they won the Super Bowl alongside making it to seven AFC title games.

In a statement, the Raiders noted, "Few individuals meant as much to the growth and popularity of professional football as Coach Madden, whose impact on the game both on and off the field was immeasurable." Current owner Mark Davis lit the Al Davis torch in Madden's honor, per Twitter. The legendary coach turned broadcaster was the first person to do so back in 2011. Although Madden was massively successful as a coach, it was his subsequent work as a broadcaster that made him even more beloved. 

Although his personal life was kept mostly private, we do know that Madden left behind a loving family to whom he will surely be hugely missed. 

John Madden shared two children with longtime wife Virginia Fields

As HITC notes, John Madden was married to wife and mother of his children Virginia Fields for 62 years at the time of his death. The happy couple reportedly met in Pismo Beach, California and got hitched in 1959. Although there's not much information available about their relationship, it's clear that the couple shared two adult children, both boys, who were raised in Pleasanton, California. Per The Sun, Michael was born in 1964 followed by Joseph in 1966. Both attended Ivy League institutions, with Joseph studying at Brown University while Michael matriculated at Harvard where he also, notably, played football. 

HITC notes the now-adult Madden kids have children of their own too, with five total between them. Both also feature in "All Madden," the documentary about their late father that premiered on Fox earlier this month (via ESPN). According to NBC, the film is also available to stream on Peacock. "All Madden" chronicles the sports icon's career as the youngest coach of the Oakland Raiders ever, his 2006 induction into the Hall of Fame, and 16 Emmy wins for broadcasting. ESPN confirms Madden himself features heavily, with the interviews conducted earlier this year. Evidently, he will be sorely missed by fans and family alike.