Siwas Dance Pop Revolution Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

JoJo Siwa continues her path to world domination with the release of the E! reality competition "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution." The social media superstar, who initially found fame on "Dance Moms," joined forces with her mom, Jessalyn Siwa, to create the next big girl group. 


As E! News notes, the show wasn't for the fainthearted, as a group of handpicked, triple-threat tweens competed to be part of super-group XOMG Pop, which was slated to open for JoJo herself on an upcoming tour. 

The competition was fierce, with the kids' "really intense" moms pushing them hard throughout, as JoJo herself revealed during an appearance on "Daily Pop." "The moms just wanted their kids to be part of it so bad, it just got so stressful that they could barely stand up at the end," said the "Dance Moms" alum.

Leading the charge on "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution" similarly took its toll on the Siwa ladies, too. "I was not prepared for it to get as stressful as it did," JoJo said.

Season 1 wrapped with seven lucky ladies confirmed as XOMG Pop and the group poised to tour the country with JoJo, per E! News. Are the Siwas ready to do it all again for Season 2?


When is Siwas Dance Pop Revolution Season 2 slated to return?

Per IMDb, "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution" debuted in November 2021, with its initial eight-episode run wrapping up in early December. According to Premiere Date, the show has not yet been renewed for a second season. 


However, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, so it's highly likely it'll return sooner or later. Common Sense Media described the show as a "high-energy, colorful series" in a review. 

"While the dancing, music, colorful costumes, and Siwa-brand imagery are designed to appeal to the dancer's young fans, much of the story highlights the fact that what the girls are auditioning for is a business, and that the expectations placed on them, and the cuts being made, all happen within this context," per the outlet.

Likewise, the audience score on reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is a not-too-shabby 80%, at the time of this writing, so Season 2 seems like a no-brainer.

Who can we expect to see on Season 2 of the show?

As E! News reports, after eight weeks of grueling competition, JoJo Siwa and Jessalyn Siwa introduced their tween supergroup, XOMG Pop, to the world. 

Ranging in age from 10 to 14, the band comprises Bella Cianni Llerena, Brooklynn Pitts, Dallas Skye Gatson, Kinley Cunningham, Kiya Barczyszyn, Leigha Rose Sanderson, and Tamara "Tinie T" Andreasyan. 


In keeping with the show's emphasis on establishing the realities of the music industry, following "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution," XOMG Pop recorded a handful of songs and even filmed a couple music videos, too. 

JoJo's nationwide tour, on which XOMG Pop will be opening, kicks off in January 2022, with the "Dance Moms" alum pointing out that it's going to be very different than what they've done so far. 

"They've gotten to do a few live performances, but our shows have about 10-15,000 people at them, so for these guys to get to do that this early on in their career, I'm really excited for them," JoJo said. The members of XOMG Pop are raring to go, acknowledging that performers their age are rarely afforded such a massive opportunity. 


Naturally, when "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution" returns for Season 2, there will be a whole new raft of kids vying for a spot in the mother-daughter duo's next project. It's safe to assume that JoJo and Jessalyn will be leading the charge once more, too.

Creating Siwas Dance Pop Revolution meant a lot to JoJo and Jessalyn Siwa

"Siwas Dance Pop Revolution" might be focused on creating brand new pop stars to unleash upon the world, but one of the show's biggest selling points is the fizzy chemistry between mother-daughter duo JoJo and Jessalyn Siwa. 


In a joint interview with People, the two ladies gushed about just how much they love working together. Viewers were introduced to the Siwas all the way back in 2013, on "Dance Moms," but the intervening years have only brought them closer, with "Siwas Dance Pop Revolution" emerging as the next logical step in their evolution.

"The best thing about working with my daughter is, honestly, just spending time with you," Jessalyn said, noting that they don't usually get to spend so much time together. "That was 10 hours every single day you were actually forced to be with me on set, have lunch with me, ride to work with me... now that you're older, that time has become more valuable." 

JoJo values her mother's support above all else, crediting Jessalyn with helping her go from YouTuber to a global brand. Her favorite activity with Jessalyn, meanwhile, is making blueberry muffins.


Collaborating on the show is a close second, however, with Jessalyn revealing that the two have been best friends essentially since JoJo was born. With any luck, we'll get to see more of their lovable rapport in Season 2.