How The January 2 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Cancer

New year, new moon, how cool is that? Okay, so the new moon doesn't actually occur until January 2nd, but in symbolism, close enough is usually good enough. So what will this first new moon of the new year bring, besides the obvious connotation of new beginnings?

Well, for starters, this new moon is occurring in the sign of Capricorn, something that Bustle says points to hard work, discipline, and all matter of serious stuff. Just as well, really, since January 3rd is the first Monday of 2022 and marks the official end of the winter holidays. Yep, it's back to the ol' grindstone for another 6 months or so 'til summer vacation season starts.

What, exactly does this new moon hold for you if you were born under the sign of Cancer? As per InStyle, this new moon will be rising in your 7th house, and the 7th house governs partnerships. Partnerships, however, encompass many things, as do new beginnings, so this may not mean quite what you think.

The new moon won't just affect your romantic relationships

Bustle goes with the obvious interpretation of the new moon in the 7th house, forecasting that the changes in store for Cancer will be all about love. All the usual stuff –- new romances for the singles, while the partnered will find themselves taking things to the next level and perhaps putting a ring on it. Needless to say, romantic carriage rides and happily ever afters for everyone lie in store — or do they? Well, Hallmark holiday movie season is over, and the fact that Venus is still in retrograde suggests that you might not want to be booking the reception hall just yet. A different Bustle article indicates that Cancer is one of the signs most strongly affected by the Venus retrograde and admits that not all romances will survive the bumpy ride that it can bring. There's a chance that Cancer's new moon/new year/new beginnings may involve a certain amount of uncoupling.

InStyle, however, points out the fact that the 7th house doesn't just govern our romantic partnerships. It rules over friendships and coworkers, too, so there's a chance that any relationship changes this new moon will bring may be of a platonic or business variety. Woman and Home adds that perhaps the necessary changes in how you relate to others should be self-generated. One good place to start, particularly for crabby Cancers still exhausted and overextended from the holidays, may be to stop putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own.