Viral TikTok Perfume Hack Uses This Surprising Household Product

Sure, TikTok has made our lives harder by making it impossible not to scroll endlessly for hours. But with that comes balance. After all, TikTok has also managed to make our lives much easier with the countless tips and life hacks you can find on there. From how to put on a bracelet by yourself to how to keep your chips fresher, there really is no end to the solutions and tricks you can find on TikTok (via Buzzfeed).

The hacks only get more abundant when you enter beauty TikTok. You can find about ten ways to easily achieve faux freckles or use a soap bar to achieve the perfect fluffy brows (via Glamour). While the hacks can be tricky to weave through, with some being a bit elaborate and unnecessary (lube primer, we're looking at you), some only require traditional household items and a simple trick that can significantly improve a step in your beauty routine. Enter, Vaseline.

Vaseline could up your fragrance game

While most TikTok beauty hacks tend to center around makeup and skincare, this one is all about fragrance. TikTok is an amazing place to discover the hottest new perfumes. Maison Francis Kurkdijan Paris's Baccarat Rouge 540 did go viral on there after all, and it remains a cult favorite (via StyleCaster). Well, the TikTok trend we're talking about has less to do with what perfume you use, and more to do with an unassuming product everyone owns that can completely elevate your perfume power.

Vaseline. Yes, you read right. Apparently, TikTokers have found that applying some Vaseline onto your wrists or neck before spraying your perfume can make it last a lot longer than it usually would (via Byrdie). TikTok user @Erinduganjurchak seems to have caught on to the hack, and her comments section is filled with people confirming that this actually works (via TikTok). Who knew Vaseline could play a role in upping your scent game?