Where To Buy The Exact Clothes From Emily In Paris Season 2

Those who dream of living a posh life in Paris and who enjoy binge watching fluffy and flirty shows may turn to "Emily in Paris." The second season recently dropped on Netflix, giving viewers more laughs, drama, love stories, and, of course, fashion.

Marylin Fitoussi, the show's costume designer, wanted to go into Season 2 working with young brands that are actually based in Paris, France, as stated by PopSugar. To reach her style goals, she even consulted with Patricia Field, a well-known stylist. After the success of the first episodes, Fitoussi also had more time to create looks that can actually be purchased by fans at home!

From the title character's bright and bold outfits to her friends' eclectic accessories and jaw-dropping ensembles, some of the most memorable and fashionable clothes from "Emily in Paris" Season 2 are available for you to snag yourself. You just need to know where to find the exact clothes from "Emily In Paris" Season 2.

You can shop for Emily's skirts, shirts, and shoes

As fans of "Emily in Paris" know, the main character — Emily Cooper, who is played by Lily Collins — likes mixing prints, colors, and patterns. For instance, she was spotted in the Sandy Rainbow Skirt from Vassilis Zoulias as well as the Beatrice blue check top from Vassilis Zoulias this season.

She seems to gravitate towards unique items that can stand out on their own or be worn with other cute pieces for some truly creative looks, such as the Pop The Top Exclusive Emily Top by My Beachy Side.

And we can't forget about accessorizing. Hats, pieces of jewelry, shoes, and bags always act as cherries on top of Emily's outfits, and this season, some pink tulle boots caught many eyes. These works of art are the Libellibotta Boots by Christian Louboutin, and they belong on your wish list (via Shop Your TV). Even better, if you received any money during the holiday season, this may be your time to splurge. You deserve it!

You can shop for Camille's hats, sunglasses, and bags

Someone else seen on the screen regularly, as a client of and a friend to Emily, is Camille, who is played by an actress named Camille Razat. Some of her most fashionable moments in "Emily in Paris" include stand-out accessories.

First, there is the Zango bleached brisa straw fedora hat from Maison Michel Paris, with its cool chains and lacquered logo from Episode 2 (via Shop Your TV). This is the way to block the sun, while still appearing fabulous. To look extra chic and further keep away from any rays, there are also the Valentino Acetate Cat-Eye Frames that Camille wears in the same episode.

This character carries some pretty amazing handbags, as well. For instance, there is Patou's wicker bucket bag, which she seems to have in its two different colors, vanilla and black, in Episode 1 and Episode 2. So, maybe it is time to do away with your boring ol' purse and upgrade to one inspired by the show.

You can shop for Mindy's matching cape and beret

Last but not least, "Emily in Paris" features Ashley Park as Mindy Chen, a singer, friend, and yet another fashionista within the story.

One particular ensemble worn by Mindy this season in Episode 1 included the St. Marks Graffiti Studded Cape and Beret, both of which are pieces by Patricia Field (via Shop Your TV). According to the website, the wool blend cape was hand-studded and hand-painted by StudMuffin NYC, while the wool graffiti beret was hand-studded with mixed metals by Kyle Brincefield.

Field posted about being "obsessed" with these looks on Instagram and linked to her website, where people can shop the "Emily in Paris" collection. It includes items such as initial necklaces and tulle skirts, and if that sounds familiar, there is also a "Sex & the City" collection, with pieces inspired by Emily's fellow on-screen fashion-lover, Carrie Bradshaw — who is now serving up even more looks in HBO Max's reboot, "And Just Like That..."