Should You Be Using A Jade Roller To Apply Your Foundation?

Learning how to apply foundation properly is an uphill battle. Between choosing the best foundation for your skin type, picking out the right beauty blender to dispense the product, and figuring out how to blend everything immaculately, it's a pretty lengthy process. We're always on the lookout for ways to achieve this task more easily, and thankfully, TikTok always has our back when it comes to helpful hacks. One of the latest BeautyTok suggestions involves using a jade roller to apply your foundation. Though it's a seemingly perfect idea, it appears as though the hack is receiving mixed reviews from the app's users (via The Zoe Report).

The idea of using a jade roller to apply foundation was originally popularized by TikTok creator Avonna Sunshine. Sunshine believes using a jade — or quartz — roller helps evenly distribute the product across your skin and is more efficient than using a traditional sponge (via TikTok). Plus, the coolness of the jade roller helps minimize pores and decreases puffiness, both of which are added benefits of the process. Sunshine's original concept seems like it would be a great alternative to traditional foundation application, but it seems to be working better for some people than others.

We've taken a closer look at all the facts to determine if you should be using a jade roller to apply your foundation or if you can skip out on this particular trend.

Using a jade roller gives you an even application

One of the biggest benefits of using a jade roller to apply your foundation is the evenness of product distribution. The jade roller essentially works like a paint roller — it creates a thin, even layer of foundation across your entire face with a few easy swipes. If you like full-coverage makeup, this is a great trick for you to try. To use this technique properly, put a few dabs of your favorite foundation on your face, then roll the product across your skin using a clean jade or quartz roller. It's best to buy a double-sided roller so you can use the smaller end to get into the tighter spaces under your eyes and along the bridge of your nose.

The key thing to remember here is that you need to wash the roller before and after you apply your foundation. Dermatologist Jeannette Graf says "washing the tool thoroughly before and after applying [your foundation] and [keeping it] in a sanitary place" protects your skin and prevents unwanted breakouts (via Allure). After you've rinsed your jade roller, pat it dry, and store it in a clean, dry space until you're ready to use it again.

The jade roller foundation hack doesn't work for everyone

While the idea of using a jade roller to evenly apply your foundation sounds foolproof, it's actually a bit more complicated than it seems. Several TikTok users have stated that using the jade roller does help in terms of distribution, but it doesn't press the product down into the skin the same way a sponge does. Amanda Frisch, a beauty content creator on the platform, revealed to The Zoe Report, "Not only did it take a long time, but my foundation just kind of sat on top of my skin and didn't look as great as it normally does." The easiest solution is to use the jade roller to apply the foundation evenly across your skin, then follow this up with your usual blending routine for the best results. It may take a bit longer to blend the product this way, so you'll probably have to go through a trial-and-error process to see what works for you.

Be advised, this technique isn't recommended for people with certain skin conditions, such as rosacea, inflammation, and eczema (via The Cut). Excessive face rolling isn't advisable for people with these conditions, so trying to apply your foundation with a face roller is likely going to cause additional discomfort. In these cases, you're better off investing in a good foundation brush to apply your products instead. Just remember to wash and dry your makeup brushes thoroughly between uses to prevent harmful bacteria from building up over time.