The Best Beauty YouTubers Over Age 50

Since the 2005 debut of YouTube, creators have used the platform in many innovative ways. From gaming videos and DIY ones to the most viewed makeup tutorial, YouTube has become a one-stop shop for creatively expressing oneself and finding communities of like-minded individuals. Many people associate being a YouTuber with also being a young creator, usually anywhere from teens to mid-30s. However, many YouTube stars are older than you realized and even more have built their platforms and audience around a certain mature age demographic.

There are plenty of talented YouTubers who are over 50. The beauty industry caters to women of all different skin tones, backgrounds, and ages, but sometimes, women over 50 have to search for beauty gurus, bloggers, and YouTubers who fit their specific needs. This list plans to highlight a couple beauty YouTubers over age 50 who have used their platform to create a diverse array of content, while being informative and engaging to watch. 

Hot and Flashy

Angie, or Hot And Flashy, is a YouTuber in her late 50s who uses her channel to speak to more mature women on how to maximize and preserve their beauty. Angie began her Youtube channel in 2012. As of 2022, her channel has reached over 133 million views and Angie has gained nearly one million subscribers. She posts a couple of videos each week, and they average about 100,000 views per video.

The Hot and Flashy YouTube content includes tutorials, makeup and skincare guides, hauls, lookbooks, reviews, and tips and tricks. Angie's transparency and knowledge is what attracts many to the Hot and Flashy YouTube page. She has also spoken openly and honestly about the aging process, including talking about procedures that she's had done over the years (via YouTube).

Hot and Flashy appeals to women of all ages because Angie presents her audience with a welcoming presence that makes it easy to just sit back and learn whatever wisdom she decides to share. Her videos are also a balanced mix of personal chats with her viewers and more informal guides and tutorials.

Beauty by Sweet Angel

Angel Dobbins owns and operates the Beauty by Sweet Angel YouTube page. Beauty by Sweet Angel has over 384,000 subscribers, and her most popular YouTube video has over 3.6 million views. Dobbins is a musician who sings and plays the saxophone, but despite her busy performing schedule, she uploads videos very frequently. In fact, Dobbins uploads videos several times a week.

She also has a more personal YouTube channel that includes vlogs and more information on her family life. Beauty by Sweet Angel has a variety of content that includes natural skin and health routines, Dobbins is all about products for a greener beauty routine. Her videos also include hauls, guides, and even reviews. Beauty by Sweet Angel is also a very informative YouTuber, who mixes her expertise with a down-to-earth tone that makes her viewers feel like one of her friends. It gives them permission to let down their hair along with her.

Dobbins' YouTube page is also aimed at a general audience — not just those over 50. She also identifies as a plus size woman, so she often gives clothing guides for plus size women. Beauty by Sweet Angel launched in 2014 and has reached over 21 million views, so follow her page for constant and innovative beauty content.

Beauty 101 by Lisa

Lisa Maynard created Beauty 101 by Lisa in 2013 when Maynard was still in her 40s, but she is now in her early 50s. Since then, her YouTube channel has gained nearly 200,000 subscribers and over 19 million views. Beauty 101 by Lisa's most popular video has nearly 2 million views. Maynard's youthful spirit and sincerity may be one reason viewers feel drawn to her. Plus, Beauty 101 by Lisa's content includes tutorials, guides, tips and tricks, beauty advice, and some life updates.

Maynard also shares insight into things such as dating after the age of 50, health and fitness challenges, and question and answer segments. She generally posts at least one video a week, but sometimes multiple videos in one week. Beauty 101 by Lisa is also just a good beauty YouTube channel by someone over 50 because it shows that age doesn't define a person's spirit, lifestyle, personality, and their life journey.

There are plenty of great beauty YouTubers out there over age 50, so don't be afraid to explore to find a favorite. These are just a few beauty YouTubers over age 50 who offer diverse perspectives on aging and beauty.