Former Butler Reveals Prince Charles' Over-The-Top Morning Routine

Whether it's waking up and doing yoga or just running to the coffee machine, we all have particular routines in the morning. There's no wrong way to start your morning, if it works for you. Unfortunately, we don't all have people that work for us to make our mornings go smoother. According to Good to Know, Prince Charles' morning routine is extremely specific and involves a whole lot of help. After you hear how particular the royal is, you'll never look at him — or his outfits — the same again.

The royals are not your typical family. Unlike your average Joe, the royal family has a whole team of people working for them. Heck, Queen Elizabeth has 1,000 people working for her every day (via Forbes) — part of that includes helping the royals get ready in the morning. We're not just talking about bringing them breakfast or getting their schedule together. The royal family actually have people who help squeeze their toothpaste for them. Ah, what a life to live.

Here is Charles' full morning routine, so you can see exactly how the other half lives.

Prince Charles starts the day with ironed shoelaces and pajamas

If you thought that your morning routine was specific, think again. According to the documentary "Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm," Prince Charles' morning routine includes getting his pajamas and shoelaces ironed (via Good to Know). Yes, you read that correctly. Someone actually comes in every morning to make sure that Charles' shoelaces are looking good. 

The pressed shoelaces aren't the only particular aspect of Charles' morning routine. According to Good to Know, he's just as particular about the way his bathroom is set up. "The bath plug has to be in a certain position, and the water temperature has to be just tepid," former royal butler, Paul Burrell, said in the documentary.

Someone is actually paid to make sure Charles' bath plug is in the "correct" position. Now that, friends, is a very particular morning routine. Of course, you can be as particular as you'd like when it's not you who has to make the tiny changes. 

The royal is particular about his toothpaste

If you thought that was over the top, you won't believe what else the royal employees are paid to do. A former royal butler, Paul Burrell, revealed that the morning routine keeps going with some very specific hygiene help. According to Burrell, someone actually puts the toothpaste on Prince Charles' toothbrush in the morning (via Good to Know). Not just any toothpaste though, it's a very specific amount. 

"[Prince Charles] has his valets squeeze one inch of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning," Burrell said, according to Good to Know. Not a quarter of an inch. Not an inch and a half. Specifically one inch of toothpaste.

It's not uncommon for royals to get a helping hand in the morning. Of course, the entire family is in the public eye whenever they leave the house, so it makes sense that they'd want to look their best at all times. But it is a bit odd to be this particular. 

Queen Elizabeth also has a specific morning routine

Prince Charles is going to eventually be the king of England someday. If you're alarmed that the leader of England is going to be this particular with his morning, don't be. It turns out that Queen Elizabeth is just as detail-oriented when it comes to her mornings. 

According to Express, Elizabeth's morning routine includes being woken up at 7:30 a.m. with earl grey tea, listening to the radio, and taking a morning bath. Sounds somewhat non-particular, right? Wrong. The publication included that she has her bath run while she's drinking her first cup of tea and then has it checked with a wooden thermometer so it's not too hot.

By morning routine standards, it looks like the royals are all very particular. When you have seemingly unlimited funds and a whole team of people around you all the time, we suppose that you can be as particular as you'd like. Their jobs are stressful enough. They can't be bothered to actually put the toothpaste on their brush.