Why Jesse Lee Soffer Won't Watch This Chicago P.D. Scene

At the start of the ninth season of "Chicago P.D.," Hailey Upton (portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos) began dealing with the consequences of shooting and killing Roy Walton. After months of acting strange and hiding what she did from her boyfriend, Jay Halstead (portrayed by Jesse Lee Soffer) discovered what she did from Hank Voight. Instead of putting even more strain on their fragile relationship, this development seemed to only bring the couple closer, resulting in Upton and Halstead eloping near the end of the ninth season, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

"I don't think their characters are the type that need to celebrate it or the type that really needed to discuss marriage and a wedding," Soffer told TVLine of Halstead and Upton's elopement. "They're not ceremonial or sentimental in that way. They're passionate people. And they're very honest, very real people so I think after getting over this huge hump with North, the FBI and Roy, they wanted to put it behind them as fast as possible. The next step in their lives is, 'Well, let's be together,' so it was logical."

Elopement scene aside, there is another scene involving Halstead and Upton from the ninth season of "Chicago P.D." that Soffer hasn't seen.

Soffer still hasn't watched his steamy sex scene with Spiridakos

After eloping in the ninth season of the show, Jay Halstead, portrayed by Jesse Lee Soffer, and Hailey Upton, portrayed by Tracy Spiridakos, made passionate love to one another in a truly steamy sex scene on "Chicago P.D.," according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. During a recent interview with Us Weekly, Soffer admitted that he had not seen the steamy sex scene, though he said that his prior experience as a soap opera star (Soffer appeared on "As the World Turns") helped prepare for the awkwardness of it. "I don't have time for TV, so if you tell me it was intense, then OK. It was intense," Soffer told Us Weekly. "We've been playing partners and love interests for so long, that it's second nature. Also, I was on a soap for a while and she's worked a ton! It's like, 'All right, sex scene? Got it.' It's been easy. She's a great scene partner to have."

As for the future of Halstead's relationship with Upton, Soffer told Us Weekly that their work in the Chicago Police Department could affect the strength of their relationship in the future. "Are marriages on a TV show easy?" Soffer asked in his interview. "No. Is the marriage going to affect work and is work going to affect the marriage? Yes, probably."