How To Shop The Furniture And Decor From Each Home In HGTV's Good Bones

In 2016, "Good Bones" premiered and quickly became one of HGTV's most recognizable and beloved series. The TV show follows mother and daughter team Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk as they renovate dilapidated homes around the Indianapolis area. According to House Beautiful, Starsiak-Hawk and Laine's company, Two Chicks and a Hammer, renovates 14 homes per year.

Over the course of "Good Bones"'s six seasons, Laine and Starsiak-Hawk have renovated and designed over 70 homes (via USA Today). With so many beautifully designed homes with expert staging, it's easy for fans to fall in love with them. Unfortunately, most of the Two Chicks and a Hammer homes sell even before an episode airs. However, "Good Bones" fans may be able to bring some of Laine and Starsiak-Hawk's style into their own homes, or make an attempt at decorating their own homes like the ones on "Good Bones."

Before "Good Bones" fans can make their homes look like the ones on the show, they may have a few questions, such as does the furniture stay on "Good Bones" and where to shop for the furniture and decor from the "Good Bones" homes? Let's answer the latter.

Find the Good Bones furniture and decor on the Two Chicks and a Hammer app

In April, the Two Chicks and a Hammer official Facebook page announced that the app would get a spring remodel. The app has been around since at least since May 2020 (based on the app reviews). With the Two Chicks and a Hammer app, fans can search either specific categories, like art, bedroom, bathroom, etc., to find decor and furniture featured on different episodes of "Good Bones."

The Two Chicks and a Hammer app also allows users to search through specific episodes to find the items that they want. It features furniture and home decor from "Good Bones" Season 4 through Season 6. The Two Chicks and a Hammer app even makes it really convenient to just search an episode, and click the links to buy an item.

Along with featuring items from various episodes, the Two Chicks and a Hammer app showcases some of Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk's favorite brands, many of them local businesses. Searching through the app may help "Good Bones" fans find some of the biggest home decor trends and some of the items they've been coveting since watching the TV show.

Use the Two Chicks and a Hammer website to find home decor and furniture

The official Two Chicks and a Hammer website has a "Good Bones" section where fans can shop for items from each episode. The website covers episodes from "Good Bones" Seasons 3 through Season 6. The Two Chicks and a Hammer website separates its "Good Bones" section by season, then episode, and finally by room. For example, the Two Chicks and a Hammer website visitors can click to view products used in "Good Bones" Season 6, Episode 5.

However, unlike with the Two Chicks and a Hammer app, website visitors only get a list of items and where they were bought. There is no direct link to each item. This is a slight inconvenience for anyone hoping to buy the items directly from the Two Chicks and a Hammer website, but for those adventurous enough, it turns finding these items into a scavenger hunt. The website gives enough information that a savvy shopper should be able to find the item if they visit the store or the store's website.

Visit some of Mina and Karen's favorite shops

In an interview with IndyStar from 2017, Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak-Hawk spoke about five stores that they use to find home decor and furniture. The Two Chicks and a Hammer owners mentioned Purposeful Design, Chatham Home, Inhabit Living, Nadeau, and Bloomingdeals. Each store is local to Indianapolis, the city where HGTV's "Good Bones" is filmed in. These stores also have Facebook pages and websites where potential customers can use to find items.

Starsiak-Hawk and Laine revealed what items they generally purchase at each store and what makes them so special and unique. For example, for Chatham Home, Laine and Starsiak-Hawk mentioned how the shop is also owned by a mother-daughter pair. It's known for making furniture and home decor that is one-of-a kind. Laine and Starsiak-Hawk use Nadeau to find furniture, and they specifically mentioned that they pick sideboards, coffee tables, and benches from this store.

Fans of "Good Bones" can shop these stores to find the items featured on the show or similar ones.