Are Olive & June Press-On Nails Worth It?

If there's one activity that is the epitome of self-care and treating yourself, it's getting a mani-pedi. There's just something about kicking back, not being able to scroll through your phone, and zoning out in a (preferably massage) chair watching someone extremely talented paint your nails to perfection. The luxurious hand massaging is also an added bonus of course. But, despite how relaxing and soothing the experience is, the real reason we all go back time and time again is for the results. 

Even if you own an overflowing nail polish collection, and often settle for painting your nails yourself to save time and money, the results just aren't quite the same. The precision and level of perfection just can't quite match that of a professional. Even more so now that we live in the era of acrylics, impressive nail art, and fun nail shapes (via Who What Wear). There are some things you just can't do yourself. Enter, press on nails. Finally we could fake the exact salon-level results just by clipping on a few fake nails. And here's why Olive & June's are everyone's new favorite.

Olive & June have done it again

Olive & June have been hugely successful in the nail market, their adorable packaging coupled with great shade ranges in a long-lasting formula has earned them a spot in every nail-addict's collection. When they decided to dive into the press-on market, it was a natural next step that was welcomed with a lot of excitement. Founder Gibson Tuttle shared the precision with which they tackled this new range to ensure it would be the best of the best, "It took us two years to launch press-ons. We really looked at what existed on the market to find out how we could overall cater to our community and what they care about. We wanted to create something that felt very Olive & June" (via Byrdie).

Costing only $10 the press-on nails come in a wide range of daytime and nighttime colors and patterns, as well as a variety of nail shapes and their very own easy removal kit (via Olive & June). Users have found that the process of application was super easy and straightforward, while guaranteeing long-lasting results of up to a week, as per Byrdie. The packs come with 42 nails to make sure you find the perfect fit for each finger, which is a bargain at $10 (via Refinery29). The consciously produced press-on nails promise to serve salon-level nails at a fraction of the price, as Tuttle says, "There are so many things in this world that are unattainable. I don't want nails to be that" (via Forbes).