Did Rachel Lindsay Just Throw Shade At Chris Harrison On Social Media?

Former "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay doesn't have time for tokenism or superficial friendships. People reports that the attorney made history as the franchise's first Black female lead. Before her "Bachelorette" days and during her time as a contestant on Season 21 of "The Bachelor," she was the first Black woman to get a first impression rose, per Essence

However, Lindsay didn't just rack up a series of firsts in the franchise's decades-long tenure — she made waves with her honest thoughts on how the show handled race and representation in her personal essay for Vulture. Lindsay regularly uses her platform to raise awareness on and call out racial injustice, despite facing online vitriol because of her race. 

Her infamous 2021 "Extra" interview with Chris Harrison made the world hold the former host accountable for his comments defending "Bachelor" contestant Rachael Kirkconnell's racist past (via YouTube). The interview led to her receiving death threats over his exit from Bachelor Nation, though Harrison received a hefty payout for his "troubles."

Now fans are convinced that Lindsay's recent Instagram post is a dig at Harrison and his televised apology on "Good Morning America."

Fans think that Rachel Lindsay called out Chris Harrison

Rachel Lindsay has been busy promoting her upcoming collection of essays titled "Miss Me With That," which Penguin Random House cites as an honest reflection on "everything from relationships and love to politics and race." Set for release on January 25, 2022, Lindsay has posted a series of quotes and tidbits to promote her first book.

However, fans are convinced that the former reality star's January 20 Instagram post is throwing shade at Chris Harrison. Lindsay titled a picture of words on a purple background "Miss Me With ... Your 'Friendship'" and then went on to describe a mystery person who seemed to friend her for the sake of social media, but acts differently in private. The quote post reads: "Seems as if friending me publicly and on social media was performative like the posting of that black square and the listening and learning televised apology ... As his 'friend,' I am happy that he no longer has to pretend in this new chapter of his life."

Adding fuel to the fire, she captioned the image, "Nothing worse than a performative friendship & I've had PLENTY of those." Though she doesn't list names, her mention of a "televised apology" hints at Harrison's own apology after his supportive comments on Rachael Kirkconnell. During an appearance on Ellen Pompeo's "Tell Me" podcast, Lindsay once stated that he "became a martyr for cancel culture to a huge audience" and claimed that people blamed her for his being canceled (via Insider).

If her posts are any indication of the experiences she'll share in her upcoming book, then Bachelor Nation may be in for a shake up.