Meat Loaf's Final Social Media Post Will Leave You In Tears

On Friday, January 21, Meat Loaf's death was announced (via CNN). Meat Loaf was born on September 27, 1947, as Marvin Lee Aday. On February 23, 1979, the "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" singer married Leslie G. Edmonds, after knowing her for less than a month, and gained a stepdaughter, Pearl. Then, in 1981, the couple welcomed another daughter, Amanda, before their marriage ended in 2001. In 2007, he tied the knot with Deborah Gillespie (via Celebrity Net Worth).

A Facebook post — which stated that he was "surrounded by his wife, Deborah, daughters, Pearl and Amanda, and close friends — read, "We know how much he meant to so many of you, and we truly appreciate all of the love and support as we move through this time of grief in losing such an inspiring artist and beautiful man." The post also mentioned highlights of his career during the past six decades, which included him selling more than 100 million albums and appearing in more than 65 movies.

Before his death, Meat Loaf talked of finishing an album and doing shows

On November 29, 2021, Meat Loaf — who, according to Celebrity Net Worth, changed his first name to Michael in 1984 — briefly mentioned that he was back on Cameo on Facebook. The musician also said that he was going to start recording in January, and was "hoping [his] TV show [would] start up in March." Unfortunately, the singer died on Friday, January 21 at the age of 74 after becoming "seriously ill" with COVID-19 (via The Sun). 

Meat Loaf's last post showed that he was hopeful for the future, which is heartbreaking. Even in his Facebook post from November 22, the musician said, "On or about January 4th, we are in the studio. Playing live, rehearsing live, recording all basic tracks on a 24-track analog recorder (old school). Once all tracks, some overdubs and my vocals are (almost done), we will transfer everything to a 48-track digital machine. Then finish the album," expressing his excitement towards working on new music.

He also mentioned that he would be "doing shows everywhere ... They will be as good as always ... Just different and, who knows, maybe better" in the same the post. His final social media posts show just how much he was looking forward to performing for his fans once again.

Fans were thrilled for new music from Meat Loaf

After reading his posts on Facebook, many fans seemed thrilled at the prospect of new music from the star. After all, his last album on Spotify – "Braver Than We Are" — was released six years ago in 2016. Hundreds of supporters rushed to celebrate the happy news in the comments section. "Such fabulous news for you and us (your fans)," one user enthused. "Very excited for you to be back in the studio! And cannot wait to hear the finished product!" Their message was not alone. "OMG that sounds amazing, I can't wait, I am so excited," another gushed.

"Thank you, Meat for the gift of another album of any size. Those of us who have been your fans since the '70s are thoroughly, excitedly, awaiting its release! I have always loved and admired your voice and your commitment to performing your best," a particularly heartfelt commenter wrote. Yet another noted that the happy news "made my day."

Many fans also commiserated with Meat Loaf, who opened up about suffering from debilitating back pain that resulted in four surgeries and took him away from touring. Express noted that the singer had previously collapsed on stage. He later confirmed that his issues had to do with back pains that resulted in surgery for a spinal fusion. Fans unfortunately returned to the comments section to mourn the tragic news of his passing, which brought an untimely end to his plans.

Meat Loaf's plans were reportedly waylaid by COVID-19

It is currently unclear how far along Meat Loaf got in the recording process for new music before passing away. The singer's manager, Michael Greene, confirmed to TMZ that he died January 20, and reports are swirling that he was rendered very ill after contracting COVID-19. The publication noted that the superstar allegedly missed a business dinner earlier in the week due to his battle with the illness. He was supposed to discuss plans for his show, which was to be named "I'd Do Anything For Love" after one of his biggest hits.

We do not know for sure if COVID-19 contributed to Meat Loaf's passing. However, the star did speak about the pandemic in the past. He told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he was "scared to death" of the illness. However, The Sun noted that he went on to add that he felt politics were driving the response. He added that he would not be controlled. "If I die, I die, but I'm not going to be controlled," he stated. It is currently unclear if Meat Loaf was vaccinated against the disease. Despite his calls for less control, he also advocated for fans to "be caring and considering" during the pandemic.