People Aren't Sure What To Make Of Donald Trump Jr.'s Facebook Rant

Donald Trump's time as POTUS may have ended with the conclusion of 2020's election cycle, but the former president and his family members continue to make headlines because of their post-White House ventures and their ongoing controversies. Even Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, continues to generate buzz because of his continued reveals. Cohen recently made a shocking admission about Donald Jr., for example, where he detailed Trump's hopes for his son to go to prison over Ivanka if one of them were to be prosecuted (via Insider).

Donald Jr. himself causes plenty of stir, too, without the need for outside actors. His recent tweets about Joe Biden have been angry and pointed, which doesn't come as a surprise. Biden is the sitting president of the U.S. and beat his father's re-election bid in 2020. They also sit on opposite sides of the political spectrum. However, Donald Jr.'s feelings about Biden appear to be personal and poignant, and he revealed his layered thoughts on the president once more within the last week on Facebook. Here's what he said.

Donald Jr.'s rant included China, Russia, and, interestingly, flatulence

If you don't follow political news closely, you likely don't know what Donald Trump Jr. has been up to since his father's presidency, but all you need to know is that he's continued being outspoken about his disdain for sitting president Joe Biden. He appears to take digs at the president any chance he can, including uploading videos of himself ranting to Facebook.

His latest video was posted on Friday on Facebook and featured the former president's son speaking for five minutes about Biden's apparent failings. Captioned "Pathetic: Biden can't read a teleprompter!" the video featured Donald Jr. discussing all of his opinions on the president. "Guys ... Joe Biden ... is what stands between us and ... a nuclear capable China," Donald Jr. said. " Joe Biden is the guy they're gonna call at three in the morning ... if there's a serious crisis ... with Russia." He even randomly made a comment about flatulence. "You know what, can't put Joe Biden in the same room with someone, he might let one rip," he said.

Many of the Trump family's supporters posted approving comments on Donald Jr.'s video. "Always greatly appreciate your steadfast posts and perspective!" wrote one. "I agree with Donald Trump Jr.!!!" said another. 

Others, however, didn't know what to make of the rant. Some commenters accused Donald Jr. of abusing drugs. "Instead of worrying about Biden, you should be worried about a legal team and a stint in rehab!" wrote one such person. Another called out Donald Trump Sr., writing, "And your father can't follow the law...he has more corruption in his portfolio..passing it down to his kids." Yet another person criticized Donald Jr. for "spewing toxic waste again and again."