The Most Ideal Places To Live If You're An Aquarius

Generally, Aquarius is a humanitarian sign. Aquarians shows love not only to themselves and their loved ones but also to the world, and they do this by being mobile beings. They understand themselves deeply and will move wherever they must go to accomplish their goals, which naturally often include helping others (via Cosmopolitan). Because they also inherently understand themselves, Aquarians aren't afraid to commit to their self-care routine. If they aren't taking care of themselves, they can't advance their goals or help others, after all.

Many believe Aquarius to be a water sign because "aqua" is in the sign's name, but it's actually an air sign. This is in part why Aquarians are so compassionate. We all inhale the same air every day; it's shared with everyone around the world. Therefore, Aquarians feel connected to the world. Their eccentric ideas can lead them to becoming detached from others, per Cosmopolitan, which is further accentuated by their willingness to leave their normalcy at any given time to move somewhere new.

All of this means that Aquarians should choose certain careers that keep them invested and grounded while giving them enough time and energy to achieve their dreams. This also means that Aquarians should live in certain ideal places that can foster their natural inclinations so that they don't have to move as often.

Aquarians might be best suited for life in Japan or the Netherlands

For an Aquarius, living in an ideal place means finding somewhere that includes mobility. Furthermore, it means scouting out a place that is good for Aquarians' mental health, which can be hard to manage if they feel like their logical side isn't being fostered or understood. Because of this, there are a few states in the U.S., and cities around the world, in which this sign naturally thrives.

In the United States, Aquarians should consider moving to Arizona, Oregon, Kansas, Michigan, or Massachusetts (via Astrolada). These states offer big cities where Aquarians can forge beneficial paths. These states also offer quieter sectors where Aquarians can escape to relax and reset. Insider doubles down on the Oregon recommendation, citing Portland as a particularly lovely city for this sign. Aquarians are creative trendsetters, and Portland is one of the most liberal cities in the U.S., which would allow them to fully explore their own interests.

Outside of the U.S., there are several cities in which Aquarians could thrive, but two stand out. One, according to Born Realist, is Tokyo, Japan, the sprawling city where opportunities within the tech sector are never-ending. This sign loves big cities, and Tokyo is known for being full of opportunity and adventure. It's a natural fit. Then there's Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a city similar to Portland in that it's known for its liberal approach (via Society19). Here, Aquarians could be their truest selves and focus on their goals.

So, where would you want to live as an Aquarius?