Here's What Glossy Makeup Founder Natasha Zaki Says Will Be The Biggest Trend In 2022

The beauty world is a revolving door of viral trends. It's crazy to think how different makeup looked only a couple of years ago in comparison to today. From super thin brows to thicker bushy brows, and from full glam to more natural makeup — trends are always evolving and changing. At the end of the day it's all about personal preference, and everyone will do their makeup how they see fit, but there's no denying that the biggest trends and makeup styles make their way into everyone's routine in some way. 

Arguably, influencers are the most important players in terms of setting these trends. First YouTubers, and now TikTokers, are the ones running the show and spreading the word on things like their favorite way to get rosy cheeks, and these suggestions inevitably go viral (via Byrdie). However, makeup brands play an even bigger role in this dynamic, as they're the ones who cater to these trends by pitching in with their own rendition. Often it is these makeup brands that have acquired a certain ability to predict upcoming trends, and they prepare for them by formulating the perfect products for any given moment. So, when successful makeup brand owners share their predictions for upcoming trends of 2022 — it's time to pay close attention.

2022 is all about sustainable beauty — finally!

At this point, the world should always have environmental damage at the forefront of their concerns. It's time (and has been time) for everyone to take a long look at what daily steps they can take to help to protect our environment, such as swapping existing beauty products for green alternatives. But, it's even more important for industries and companies to work towards sustainability. It has been a slow and steady process, but beauty brands have fortunately begun exploring sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. The change is long overdue considering how destructive the beauty industry is for the environment with all their harmful packaging and production processes (via Elle).

Natasha Zaki is a successful influencer/makeup artist who previously assisted British makeup artist Pat McGrath. Zaki has since developed a homegrown, independent beauty brand called "Glossy Makeup" (via Glossy Makeup). Spearheading sustainability in beauty by producing her own vegan and cruelty-free false lashes and brushes, Zaki predicts that 2022 will be all about sustainability. "I see that the future of the beauty industry is moving into a more sustainable and eco-friendly space. Expect to see more makeup products coming out that are kind to the environment and carbon negative," Zaki said during a chat with Cosmopolitan.

Zaki is passionate about her role in this change, saying, "Personally, my brand Glossy Makeup has joined this movement and we are coming out with our own Glossy Makeup Biodegradable Magnet Lashes. They're made with sustainable materials and the packaging is recyclable."