Why Danielle Busby Is Defending An Aspect Of Her Marriage To Fans

In 2015, Danielle and Adam Busby became the parents of the only all-female set of quintuplets in the United States, per Entertainment Weekly. One year later, in 2016, TLC aired the first season of "OutDaughtered," a show that followed the couple immediately after they upgraded from a family of three (along with their daughter, Blayke Busby) to a family of eight, per TLC.

When they are not busy tending to the needs of their children, Danielle and Adam make it a point to carve time out of their schedules to spend time together. The pair, who have been married for nearly 15 years, like to hire a babysitter and get out of the house to achieve this quality alone time. "Our house is just an extremely high-stress environment," Adam told People in February 2021. "There's always something going on. And we learned very early on that you kind of lose sight of each other in the shuffle. You may be getting to Wednesday and feel like you barely so much as said hi to each other, just because you're trying to sort everything out with the kids and get them up, fed, bathed. We realized you have to schedule time for yourselves. And honestly, it took putting date nights on the schedule. So every week we get out of the house and get away and just focus on us. That's our time to talk and stuff like that."

Danielle is defending her trips away from the kids

In the past few years, Danielle Busby has faced mounting criticism from fans for taking multiple trips to locations far from her children. The latest slew of criticism came when Danielle posted photos from a trip she took with her husband, Adam Busby, to Fredericksburg, Texas. In a caption that has since been changed, Danielle defended her frequent trips to various destinations without her children. "Cheers to us!" the caption read, according to Celebrities.tn. "So proud of how we make time to get away. It's a crazy hectic normal day in our house, and I'm sure most couples can relate (no matter how many kids you have). I know most say 'all y'all do is travel' but in all honesty ... we do it [because] our marriage is important to us and we need these getaways for us."

This caption is likely in response to comments that Danielle has received from angry fans in the past. Many of these comments came from an Instagram post containing photos from a vacation that Danielle took with her friends back in July 2021. "Most mom's breaks are the few hours after the kids go to bed where they can relax in front of the tv," one Instagram user commented. "Most moms don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars from the reality tv show that allows them to take vacations every 2 weeks. I'm not hating or trying to get in other people's business, this just doesn't seem very relatable."