A Look At Adam Busby's Marriage Proposal To Danielle

Though Danielle and Adam Busby were initially thrown into the spotlight because she was the first person to give birth to all-female quintuplets in the United States in 2015, it's the love between this pair that has continued to attract the spotlight. The Busby's currently star in their own TLC series, OutDaughtered, where they've shown audiences around the country what it takes to raise all those kids.

They spend most of their time taking care of their six children, the quints and big sister Blayke, who was born in 2011, but Danielle and Adam continue to prioritize their relationship with one another to keep the romance alive. Adam revealed that the couple makes sure to schedule weekly date nights. "So every week we get out of the house and get away and just focus on us," he told People. That's our time to talk and stuff like that." 

While the couple has been able to keep communication open and date nights regular as of late, things weren't always this way for the high-profile pair.

Adam stood Danielle up on their first date

According to Danielle Busby's blog, the couple met for the first time in 2003, when they both worked at a Target in their hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. After a few months of working together, Adam Busby asked Danielle out but ended up canceling the day of their date. Luckily, Adam asked Danielle out again and she agreed. She even met his family on that date. Two years later, Adam proposed on Christmas eve. 

The proposal came just a day after Danielle's birthday and was reportedly a complete shock to her. "He asked what I wanted for my birthday and I said a necklace, bracelet or a right hand ring...and this guy ends up buying me an engagement ring. I had no idea," she said on her blog. 

Danielle and Adam got married in their hometown. Their wedding was right after Hurricane Rita hit Lake Charles, but fortunately, the pair was able to find a chapel in which to tie the knot. "We were young and in love, so we didn't really care about where and what it all looked like," Danielle told Country Living. "We were just looking forward to the day we would officially commit in front of God to be together forever."