How The February 1 New Moon Will Affect You If You're A Leo

February 1, 2022's New Moon is perfectly timed. What is February if not the month where you find yourself realizing you've kind of been slacking on how you wanted to start the year, so why not take the second month as a second chance? This new moon in Aquarius offers the perfect setting for you to reset your goals and get it right this time. 

New Moons hold the promise of a fresh start. They're all about setting goals and intentions and manifesting the upcoming moon cycle you want to thrive in. It just so happens that this new moon lands on the exact same day as the Lunar New Year — how much more kismet can you get? With the new moon being in Aquarius, it especially represents forward-thinking and propelling yourself forward with a new open energy to face your goals. If there's one thing a Leo (July 23- August 22) loves is self-analysis and self-reflection, and here's exactly what every Leo should pay close attention to during this celestial event.

It's time for Leos to reflect on your relationships

Leos get a bad rep of loving being the center of attention, but the truth is that's just a misunderstanding of their love and passion for their relationships. From friendships to romantic relationships, Leos especially pride themselves on fostering healthy connections and filling their cup with love. This new moon in Aquarius is a time for Leos to take stock of the relationships in their life and really identify how you can better them. Take note of people you seem to have the same repetitive fights with or tensions, and try to really figure out how you can move forward on a fresh leaf and improve how you deal with conflict. Use this time to manifest the healthy and loving relationships you long for in your life. 

It's also a great time for Leos to focus on your relationships within your career. Spend some time exploring how you can really meet the goals and targets you share with your colleagues. For instance, perhaps you're working on a big project and are needing to really figure out how to pursue your ambitious side and work better with others to reach the goals you seek.