Does Chrishell Stause Want Kids?

Chrishell Stause may have technically made her debut in Hollywood through the soap opera track, but what really put her on the map was her appearance as herself on Netflix's hit reality TV show "Selling Sunset." As the brand new real estate agent joining The Oppenheim Group, fans either loved the bubbly small-town-girl energy she brought to the show, or they passionately ranted about how she's the actual villain of the show in a Reddit thread. After four seasons, she wound up becoming quite polarizing. 

Aside from her great property finds in the Valley and her feuds with colleague Christine Quinn, Stause garnered a lot of intrigue for her love life. While she joined the show as the wife of "This Is Us" actor Justin Hartley, viewers got an inside scoop into how their sudden and very public divorce (that she was blindsided by!) played out through "Selling Sunset." 

The Stause love-life drama was nowhere near over, when over a year after her divorce she dropped a bombshell Instagram post announcing that she was officially dating cast-mate and boss Jason Oppenheim. Only five months after the post, People confirmed that the couple had split

There's no denying that Stause's dating life has been a whirlwind of emotions. So when she officially announced that she will be releasing a tell-all book with a play-on-words title "Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took A Little Work," as reported by People, everyone was intrigued to get the inside scoop on how she feels about it all.

Stause is keeping her 'options open'

Chrishell Stause's memoir promises to set the record straight about her relationships, and the exclusive except E! Online shared shows she does just that by revealing the story of her relationship with "Glee" actor Mathew Morrison and her divorce from Justin Hartley. While everyone awaits the release of the book for the full tea about her dating history, Stause has opened up about some very personal details, like her wishes to start a family. 

Speaking to People, Stause shared her plans for the future when it comes to starting her own family, "We'll see what happens with my future, but I definitely think that I'm keeping all my options open." The "Selling Sunset" star recognizes that for her this might not include a partner. "I feel like I can do it on my own," she says. "That's something that seems scary, but it also seems a little freeing, knowing that I'm not tied down to this idea that I only have this finite amount of time to figure it out." 

Stause explained that while she continues to put herself out there, she has accepted that there's a chance that doesn't happen, and she explains, "I feel like it's one of those things where I'm giving myself a certain amount of time. It's 2022 and we have to kind of look at all options. I definitely have come around to the thought that, yes, I'm going to go and try and [find a partner], but if I don't find that, that's okay too."