The Truth About The Hallmark Channel's Sam Page

Admit it, we fell in love with Sam Page's character Richard Hunter in Freeform's "The Bold Type" for being the super-nice and supportive boyfriend then-husband of Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy. 

"The Bold Type" is far from Page's only memorable series, though. The star has acted in many popular shows, and we are sure you have seen him in some of them. Romance fans might know Page more from the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries because he has starred in many of their movies so far, including "The Story Of Us" and "Royal New Year's Eve." During the premiere of his tenth Hallmark movie, "One Summer," Page told Media Village, "This is the first one I've done that isn't attached to a holiday." 

He called it the most appealing script to come his way from Hallmark because it didn't feel like the typical Hallmark movie. Although, he shared how grateful he is for his decade-long work with the company and that he "feels blessed."

Sam Page has acted in more shows that you can imagine

Sam Page is one lucky and busy actor who has had recurring roles in some of the last decade's most popular and iconic shows.

Page played Dr. Greg Harris on "Mad Men" as the husband of epic character Joan Holloway, and though his character was not exactly-loved in the show, he said the part changed how Hollywood saw him. Page told Page Six, "'Mad Men'" just puts you in a different light — everyone on it is taken a little more seriously," and because it is such a well-acclaimed show, it is not surprising to see Page in other starring roles. If the 60s era show isn't your thing, you might have seen "Desperate Housewives" because Page played Sam Allen, who happened to be Bree's stepson, per TV Guide.

For fans of teen, family drama, he played lawyer Craig Tebbe on "Switched At Birth," where his character had a thing for redheads (via Ecumenical News). Fan of "Gossip Girl"? Then, you must remember him as one of Blake Lively's romances, Colin Forrester, and then he went on to star in the second season of "House of Cards," another highly-acclaimed show (via Biography Tribune). He is one busy actor for having worked in some of the most popular and well-known shows of our time while continuing to be one of the most beloved actors on Hallmark. 

Sam Page went to an Ivy League college

Before settling down in Hollywood, Sam Page was a high school jock. Page was born and raised in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, where he was the captain of his football and baseball teams at Whitefish High School. The "Mad Men" actor told Milwaukee Talks, "Like a lot of young men, in high school, I wanted to play professional baseball," but after the sad realization of witnessing baseball turn into a business as he moved forward, the dream to become a professional athlete left his side. 

Baseball's loss was Hollywood's gain, but there was one more pit stop on Page's road to stardom: college. Contrary to the assumption that jocks don't care about school, Page was a top student judging by the fact that he got into an Ivy League school. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology, so we know he is a powerful combination of beauty and brains. According to Soap Central, his senior thesis was about the mating habits of a female mosquito, which was published in a science journal.

Sam Page was among People's most eligible bachelors in 2002

Sam Page is known for being traditionally handsome, as exhibited by his many swoon-worthy roles. So it is no surprise that he was included in People's annual list of the most eligible bachelors in 2002 (via Hallmark Drama). His busy schedule kept him on our screens because he was working on AMC's Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning "Mad Men" and "Desperate Housewives" around the same time, so it is no surprise that his looks got him attention, but it was actually his role as Trey Kenyon in "All My Children" that earned him the prestigious slot.

While Page has a reputation as a heartthrob who women fall for, playing one on TV isn't necessarily an easy thing. In an interview with Young Hollywood, he opened up about the intimate scenes he filmed for "The Bold Type" revealing that he wasn't fully comfortable with the steamy moments. "It's always awkward no matter what to have make out scenes," he admitted. 

Sam Page is a happily married man

Alas, Sam Page's days as an eligible bachelor are long gone. The celeb has been happily married to playgroup teacher Cassidy Boesch since 2014 (via Celeb Suburb). Boesch was born and raised in Los Angeles, and her brother happens to be professional baseball player Brennan Boesch, who used to play for the Detroit Tigers. 

What's adorable about the couple is how smitten Page is with his wife. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, he called her "the greatest person in my life." Funnily enough, though, their romance almost never happened. As he explained to the outlet, he and his friends had made a pact "to stay single the whole summer" but, as fate would have it, just a couple of weeks later he met Boesch and knew it was meant to be. 

The actor currently resides in a coastal-farmhouse home in Los Angeles with his wife and three children, per Architectural Digest.