The Best Hand Creams To Stash In Your Handbag This Winter

Winter can often have a nostalgic, almost magical, feel as we embrace so many seasonal holidays. However, the harsh reality is that winter can leave skin feeling dry as well, especially our hands. Winter's dry air can be dehydrating to skin, especially when combined with frequent hand-washing, according to WebMD.

The skin has a natural barrier of oils and protective elements, and it can be challenging to maintain it during the harsh winter elements. This can lead to dry, cracked skin, which is as uncomfortable as it is unsightly. Dermatologist Amy Wechsler, MD, suggests, "The best prevention is to begin using a moisturizer before your hands show signs of dryness." In fact, she says using hand moisturizer five or six times a day is optimal because it continually fortifies the skin's barrier.

Duly noted, doc — but that means keeping hand cream nearby throughout the day to create better moisturizing habits. So, stash some hand cream in the kitchen, bathroom, the car, your gym bag, and even in your office desk. It's time to set aside the cozy latte for a moment, and make a plan. With winter in full dehydration-mode, it's time to grab a few handbag-appropriate hand creams to tackle the task.

Support this vegan-friendly brand for optimal hand hydration

Featuring the hydrating oomph of shea butter, argan, and macadamia seed oils, Spongellé hand creams are ready to clock some overtime hours this winter. Whether you prefer Bulgarian Rose, Beach Grass, or Honey Blossom, their blends are crafted with their patented Salsphere ingredients for all-day moisture. The brand has caught the eye of Good Morning America and CNET alike, and what's not to love? The packaging is handbag-worthy and a great value at $20.

Get serious about moisturizing your hands this winter

Walton Wood Farm has a great sense of humor, but they're pretty serious about winter hand care. They also understand you need winter hand cream stashed everywhere, so the brand's hand rescue whip is sold in a trio of 2-ounce tubes. Reader's Digest also recommends the Good JuJu Hand Rescue.

Taking the lead from PopSugar, this list would not be complete without some love for beauty brand Lush. The Handy Gurugu is an inspired blend of ultra-moisturizing cashew, almond, and pumpkin seed butters. Bonus points for refillable containers!

Let Mother Nature lend a helpful hand by moisturizing with plant-based ingredients

For a Greek peek at skincare, look to the experts at Byrdie. They suggest harnessing the hydration of an olive grove, so grab the Korres Olive Oil & Olive Blossom Hand Cream, perfect for skin barrier maintenance. Want more? Check out their full line of products, which also includes hydrating yogurt. Maybe you look to the Roman goddesses for beauty inspiration — no worries. The female entrepreneurs at Barefoot Venus whipped up an Essential Oil Instant Hand Repair that's ready to go from handbag to gym bag and beyond. 

Grab a winter salve to heal your skin

Restore your skin throughout the day with the help of marula oil, which Cosmopolitan praises for its hydrating benefits. Grab a tube of SpaRitual's Slow Beauty Hand Salve. The cruelty-free creation and citrusy-cardamon scent will lift your winter spirits. And if adventure is on your winter agenda, look no further than Salty Britches Winter Skin Relief Ointment. The skiers and backcountry enthusiasts at Trip Savvy have nothing but praise for its healing hydration.

Sure, winter is a dreamy blur of woolen mittens, but don't forget to protect what's underneath.

These hand lotions are perfect for on-the-go

While it may be cold outside, you still have a lot of exciting plans and adventures that will keep you on the go. It's best to have hand lotions ready in every bag for any occasion. For that, Bath & Body Works has an assortment of travel size hand lotions to choose from. Go for a fave scent like Eucalyptus Spearmint that doubles as stress relief aromatherapy. Or, if you're looking for the most hydration possible, the Shea Butter hand lotion is definitely the way to go.