The Skincare Products Adrienne Bailon Swears By

When it comes to celebrity-recommended skincare items, you never know what you'll get. A-listers like Kourtney Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow often love to show off their expensive moisturizers and trendy tools. But unlike those stars, Byrdie reports that Adrienne Bailon's skincare routine is actually pretty simple. Not only are her preferred products affordable, but they're also super easy to sneak into your existing regimen.

It seems that there is a formula when it comes to the perfect skincare product. Not only does it have to work effectively, it should also be affordable and fun to use — and every product on Bailon's list of favorites does just that! Clearly, the former Cheetah Girl knows how to pick incredible products. So, whether you're looking to have a fun skincare night with your friends, or just looking to refresh your beauty routine with some new products, Bailon's list has something for you. Below, we've rounded up some of her recommended products so that you can begin testing out these items ASAP.

One of Adrienne Bailon's most effective products is just $10

As fun as it is to practice a nightly skincare routine, all those products don't mean anything if they're not actually working. Similarly, Adrienne Bailon knows that it's less about buying trendy skincare items, and more about picking out products that will benefit your complexion. According to Byrdie, the secret ingredient that she swears by is collagen, and Olay's Firming Body Lotion with Collagen is her favorite way to get the miracle ingredient into her routine. "We put [collagen] on our faces, but we tend to neglect our bodies," Bailon told Byrdie in October 2021. "So, it's just great to be able to put that on our skin and let it moisturize it." Even more appealing is Olay's price tag — it's a steal at just $9.99 from Target!

While collagen is great for hydrating the skin, you'll likely want to pair it with a collagen supplement in order to increase your body's production of the protein, according to MindBodyGreen. "Your skin might feel softer and smoother [or] your wrinkles might look less prominent, but that's all an illusion — that's just what's happening on the surface," dermatologist and president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Suzan Obagi, told Self. "It's not actually building collagen." Either way, if you're looking for a new lotion to pair with a supplement, this is a great place to start.

This anti-wrinkle chest mask is one of Adrienne Bailon's favorite products

Out of all of Adrienne Bailon's recommended skincare items, this one might be the most fun. The talk show host shared that she's a fan of the Sio Beauty SkinPad Silicone Chest Anti-Wrinkle Patches, which act as a kind of fact mask for your chest. Each mask can be used multiple times and is said to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the chest area. "On Amazon, I discovered reusable silicone patches for your chest," Bailon told Byrdie. "It helps prevent wrinkles from forming around my cleavage." She also shared that she likes to use it in tandem with Olay's lotion each night.

Overall, it appears that Bailon is a big fan of hydration because she neglected to do so while growing up. "One of the things that I definitely neglected was moisturizing my body," Bailon told New Beauty in October 2021. "I learned early to moisturize my face immediately after getting out of the shower— growing up my mom always taught me to do that so you don't skip it when you're rushing around doing everything else," she added. "I would barely moisturize my face and just keep going, but now I've really made it a point to also remember my body."

Some of Adrienne Bailon's best skincare hacks are free

As great as it is to build a skincare routine that you love and that feels really good, sometimes, the best hacks in life are free. On top of all the products that Bailon recommends, there are also free ways to hydrate your skin. Perhaps first and foremost, it's important to ensure that you're drinking enough water throughout the day. "The main thing is obviously, moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. Staying hydrated from the inside out is super important, so drink tons of water," Bailon shared with New Beauty. After all, it's no secret that drinking water is an easy way to get clearer skin. According to Healthline, the sweet spot of hydration is half a gallon per day.

Another one of Bailon's free hacks includes keeping a spoon in the freezer to get rid of puffiness in the morning, as she shared with Byrdie. The former singer told the outlet that she learned the hack from her makeup artist when she was performing in the girl group 3LW, and she hasn't stopped using it since. Whether you're looking to invest in new products, or incorporate these hacks into your beauty routine, you can't go wrong with Bailon's recommendations.