Raven Goodwin Reminisces About Her Time On Good Luck Charlie - Exclusive

Years before Raven Goodwin went through the emotional intensity of filming Lifetime's "Single Black Female," she appeared in a supporting role on the popular Disney television show "Good Luck Charlie." Goodwin played the lovable character Ivy, who was the best friend of Bridigt Mendler's character Teddy. Ivy and Teddy were often shown joking around at school, and the two leaned on each other for support during trying times in their young lives.

Goodwin appeared in 34 episodes spaced out across the entirety of the show's run between 2010 and 2014. Though it felt like Ivy was an integral part of "Good Luck Charlie," Goodwin revealed during an exclusive interview with The List that she was actually on set far less than people thought. At the time, Goodwin was concurrently filming episodes of "Huge," a drama starring Nikki Blonsky. The "Single Black Female" actress then went on to land a recurring role in "Being Mary Jane" opposite Gabrielle Union in a few years later in 2013.

These projects were ultimately more time-consuming than "Good Luck Charlie," as Goodwin was a series regular on both "Huge" and "Being Mary Jane," while she played more of a supporting role on the Disney Channel show. Despite the fact that Goodwin was only on set sporadically for the filming of "Good Luck Charlie," she holds fond memories of her time with the cast.

Speaking exclusively with The List, Raven Goodwin reminisced about her time on "Good Luck Charlie" and revealed heart-warming details about her experience on the show.

Raven Goodwin reflects on her time with the Good Luck Charlie cast

On "Good Luck Charlie," Raven Goodwin's character Ivy Wentz frequently hangs out with her best friend, Teddy Duncan. Ivy liked to spend time with the Duncans because she found her own family boring, so you'd be forgiven for thinking she was a Duncan herself (via Daily Mail). When speaking with The List during an exclusive interview, Goodwin was asked if she still stayed in touch with the cast of "Good Luck Charlie," since the group seemed so tight-knit.

She surprisingly revealed that she doesn't stay in touch with the Disney Channel stars, saying "No, I don't. It's strange, but when I think of them, I send them love and light, but I know Bridgit [Mendler] is married now, and I'm sure Bradley [Steven Perry] is taller than me. I know all of them are doing well. Leigh [Allyn Baker] has the most amazing, cute boys ever. We don't keep in touch. We really don't, as much as we should. I'm sure they do as a cast, but I was also there more sporadically than it may seem."

The sporadic nature of her time on the show was largely due to the fact that Goodwin was working on two other projects during the four year run of "Good Luck Charlie."

Goodwin was working on two other shows while filming Good Luck Charlie

While Raven Goodwin was filming episodes of "Good Luck Charlie," she was also acting in two other shows, which limited the time she spent on the set of the popular Disney Channel show.

As Goodwin said during her exclusive interview with The List, "I was shooting 'Huge' at the same time, and then I went on to 'Being Mary Jane,' so I wasn't there a lot to really build on those relationships. But they always treated me so sweet and nice ... I was just thinking about Eric's [Allan Kramer] cooking the other day. He was a great cook. He would cook every Wednesday."

So, which of Kramer's dishes did Goodwin enjoy the most? "That man! Chili, cornbread, all kinds of stew. He could just really cook. I was thinking about his cooking the other day."

The Lifetime actress said that reminiscing about her time on the show made her want to reach out to her former cast-mates. "I got to reach out and say hi to them. I really do. We would play Bananagrams, bake, do all this cute stuff. They're cute people."

"Single Black Female" is now Lifetime.