Scott Eastwood On The Nicholas Sparks Movie He's A 'Huge Fan Of' - Exclusive

Scott Eastwood has appeared in some memorable movies throughout his career, and he's back on our screens in Prime Video's "I Want You Back." The romantic comedy follows Peter (Charlie Day) and Emma (Jenny Slate), who decide to work together to win back their respective exes, Anne (Gina Rodriguez) and Noah (Scott Eastwood). Eastwood plays Noah, a personal trainer who quickly finds love with someone else after dumping Emma. However, Peter signs up for some personal training sessions to try and break up Noah's new relationship so that Emma can get back together with him.

In addition to starring in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video and working with his father Clint Eastwood, Scott also appeared in "The Longest Ride" with Britt Robertson, which is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. During an exclusive interview with The List, Scott Eastwood opened up about working on "The Longest Ride" and revealed which Nicholas Sparks movie is his all-time favorite.

Scott Eastwood loves Nicholas Sparks as much as we do

There's nothing quite like a good Nicholas Sparks movie, and actor Scott Eastwood knows that all too well. Discussing his role in "The Longest Ride," he told The List, "It was an incredible film to work on. I was a huge fan of movies like 'The Notebook,' so getting to work on a Nicholas Sparks film was really great." He loved what director Nick Cassavetes did with the classic flick. "He's an incredible filmmaker," Eastwood said. 

In addition to being a huge fan of "The Notebook" just like the rest of us, Eastwood revealed that he's a fan of romantic movies in general — that is, "if they're done right." Thankfully, his own Nicholas Sparks film checked that box. "I thought I was pretty lucky to get to work with George Tillman Jr. on 'The Longest Ride,'" he said. "He brought a lot of heart to it, but really in a subtle way, which I like."

"I Want You Back" will premiere exclusively on Prime Video February 11, 2022.