A TikToker's Creative Date Ideas Are Going Viral

Creative date nights are hard to come by. Despite having a world of possibilities, it can sometimes get challenging to think about planning a date that's equally parts fun, creative, and not super expensive. Thankfully, that's where TikTok comes in. It turns out that the app is a treasure trove of date ideas, just as it is for beauty reviews, story time videos, and fun fashion inspiration. Who says TikTok can't do it all?

TikTok creator Abby Benson shared her and her boyfriend's creative date night idea with the world, and boy, is it a good one. It's fun, creative, and really brings a couple together. The best part is that every single person on the platform can do it. Benson knows exactly how rare that is to come by and says in the video that she doesn't want to "gate keep" such an amazing idea.

So, without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Benson's alphabet date night idea. It's going to change the way you see dates for the rest of your relationships. 

Alphabet date night is going viral

Typically, TikTok is filled with people either talking about a great date they went on or people showing off their flashy dates. What makes TikTok creator Abby Benson's idea so great is that you can personalize it any way you want. Benson shares that her and her boyfriend create ABC dates. That's a fun way to say that they alternate planning dates suggested by a specific letter of the alphabet. 

For example, her "A" date was going to an Applebee's. Then he planned the "B" date of going bowling — simple, yet followed pattern. The idea is that you can make it as simple or complex as you'd like, but you have to follow the letters of the alphabet.

There's a reason that this creative date night is going viral. First of all, planning dates can be hard. When you have a little bit of inspiration to work with — even just a simple letter — you have something to go off of. There's also less pressure to do something extravagant on date night because you're being creative, which can reportedly help for a stronger relationship over time (per Psychology Today).

This date idea is perfect for anyone

Another major bonus of this date night idea is that literally anyone can do it. Whether you're in a longterm relationship or just starting to get to know each other, alphabet date night works. It doesn't matter who your partner is, what they like to do, or how old they are.

One of the most creative date nights that TikTok creator Abby Benson mentions in the video is her boyfriend's "nostalgia night" for letter "N." He wore the exact same outfit that he was wearing when they first met and took her to the restaurant that they went to for Valentine's Day. Another great date was the "jingle light show" for letter "J," where she said it was just a Christmas light drive-through that they wanted to go to so they got creative with the name. 

You don't have to use the alphabet, either. You could spell out each others names, the word "love," or get really creative and have the person guess the word you're spelling by the dates that you went on. The possibilities are endless. Bottom line: a big shout out to Benson for coming through with the inspiration.