How Victoria's Secret's New Model Sofía Jirau Is Making History

In 2021, Victoria's Secret announced the end of the Victoria's Secret Angels, the high-profile models who wore iconic angel wings at the Victoria's Secret runway shows. Instead, the focus would be to make the brand more inclusive (per Cosmopolitan). They created the "VS Collective" which, instead of fashion models, features celebrity representatives.The founding group of representatives included soccer star Megan Rapinoe, Olympic skier Eileen Gu, and actor Priyanka Chopra. On the VS Collective website, Rapinoe explained why she was excited to work with the brand, stating, "I'm thrilled to be creating a space that sees the true spectrum of ALL women."

One way that Victoria's Secret has worked to include that spectrum of all women is with their latest collection. Called "Love Cloud," this collection was designed to allow for "everyday comfort without sacrificing functionality or sexiness" (via PR Newswire). While there are more traditional models like Hailey Bieber and Imaan Hammam as part of the collection, the campaign also includes other women from other walks of life (per Vogue). For example, Love Cloud is the first time a Victoria's Secret campaign has included a model with Down syndrome — Sofía Jirau.

Sofía Jirau is excited to be a Victoria's Secret model

Sofía Jirau is a 24-year-old Puerto Rican model, and she confirmed on her Instagram she is the first Victoria's Secret model with Down syndrome. Jirau wrote in her caption, "One day I dreamed of it, I worked on it and today it is a dream come true." She went on to write, "Thank you Victoria's Secret for seeing me as a model who has #NoLimits and making me part of the inclusive Love Cloud Collection campaign. Inside and out, there are no limits." Her announcement was filled with comments of love and congratulations for the accomplishment.

Jirau came into the international fashion world in 2020 when she walked in Marisa Santiago's show at New York Fashion Week. "When I was little," Jirau told People at the time, "I looked myself in the mirror and said, 'I'm going to be a model and a businesswoman.'"

Along with being a model, Jirau is also a businesswoman. She has her own clothing and accessories line, Alavett. The name comes from how she spells her "favorite words to say" — "I love it."