Barbie Ferreira Reportedly Stormed Off The Euphoria Set. Here's Why

Barbie Ferreira plays headstrong Kat Hernandez on the teen HBO Max drama "Euphoria." In a report that sees real life imitating art, production sources have said the star walked off the set more than once while filming the second season. Daily Beast states that according to insiders, the actress and "Euphoria" creator and director Sam Levinson did not see eye-to-eye about the direction of Kat's character, specifically that she does not have as big of a storyline this season as she did during the first season.

As Out notes, season 1 saw Kat finding power in her sexuality and learning to feel good about her body after struggling to accept herself when she was younger. This season she is mostly acting as a support to other members of her girl group as she also realizes that her relationship with her boyfriend bores her.

Indeed, it cannot be argued that Zendaya, who stars as Rue Bennett, gets the most screen time, as does Sydney Sweeney, who co-stars as Cassie Howard and Alexa Demie, who is Maddy Perez. Even Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules Vaughn, seems to have a much smaller presence this season after serving as a primary character in the first season.

Barbie Ferreira downplays tensions on the set

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast surmises that some of Ferreira's scenes were cut due to her and Levinson's disagreements. Could she have originally been part of a larger arc that we will never view due to her creative differences with Levinson?

Other reports also hint at tension between Levinson and Ferreira — although other cast members are said to be unhappy with the director's approach to filming scenes for very long periods of time. But the star has downplayed the drama, telling The Cut about her character, "Kat's journey this season is a little more internal and a little mysterious to the audience. She is secretly going through a lot of existential crises. She loses her marbles a little bit — just like everyone else in this season. The theme is everyone's gone a little crazy."

But Screenrant reports that Ferreira is so upset about her role on "Euphoria" that she was notably absent from the premiere for season 2, while all of her castmates attended.