Guerdy Abraira Talks About Her Favorite Relationship On Real Housewives Of Miami - Exclusive

Watching any of the "Real Housewives" shows is basically watching politics in action. Alliances form, strengthen, change, or break — sometimes over dizzyingly short periods of time. 

And the number of possible friendships and rivalries that can arise is nearly endless, given the diversity of life experiences, interests, and personal temperaments among the cast members. 


What makes this all the more compelling, according to "The Real Housewives of Miami" cast member Guerdy Abraira, is that none of it is scripted. Nobody gives the Housewives a set of talking points or stages their catfights. 

"We're just putting a camera on the natural settings of girls getting together," Abraira told The List. And if a few choice swear words come out while the camera is rolling? So be it.

But, while many viewers watch "Real Housewives" for the drama (come on, you know it's true!), the show is also fertile ground for genuine, lasting friendships. Abraira has been delighted to watch some of these relationships grow and flourish during her time on the series. 

Here, in this exclusive interview with The List, she talked about some of her favorite Housewives and her own relationships with her fellow cast members.


Guerdy Abraira's relationships with the other Housewives have shifted over time

For Guerdy Abraira, no other cast member jumped out as an especially close connection. Instead, she said, her relationships with the others have tended to wax, wane, and shift over time.

"I don't really consider myself being close to one person over another. I think that all the relationships are varying in their own style, and it's all organic," she said. "So, for me, I'm not going to force something on someone if they want some space or if they're not really into me."


She sees these shifts in her relationships with the others as a natural process, not a problem to be fixed.

"And it's all in the evolution because, when you see the reunion and other episodes to come, you'll see how relationships that you thought were strong may have fizzled and vice versa," she said. "Today, I may be best friends with Dr. Nikki. Next week, you never know whose friendship I may attain."

She found the friendship between Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura heartwarming

Not all the Housewives shared Guerdy Abraira's experience. As the latest season progressed, Julia Lemigova and Adriana de Moura developed a close friendship, and Abraira found it inspiring to watch. 

"I just thought they're amazing soulmates," she said, noting that the women gave themselves this label. "I think that it's great that you're able to find your soulmate."


But, because Lemigova is the first lesbian Housewife, the close bond between the two raised some eyebrows. In an interview on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" (per The Daily Dish), Lemigova denied that anything romantic was going on and said that her wife, tennis star Martina Navratilova, was comfortable with her being on the show. 

"Martina is not jealous, and there is nothing to be really jealous about," Lemigova said. "I'm married, happily married, and love Martina. And, you know, Adriana is my best friend."

As a close observer of their dynamic, Abraira agrees that it's possible to have such a special friendship alongside a healthy romantic relationship. 

"I do believe that you can find your soulmates in a spouse, in a friend, in a sibling," she said. "So I find that it's actually remarkable and commendable that they actually were able to say out loud, 'We are soulmates.'"


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