The Law & Order: SVU Episode You Forgot Starred Serena Williams

Serena Williams has been playing tennis for decades, and over the years, she has become an undisputed legend. She's spent over 300 weeks ranked number 1 in the world, she's won four Olympic gold medals, and she's one of the world's highest earning athletes (via Tennis Majors). She's been on the cover of magazines, from Vogue to Sports Illustrated to Wired (via Serena Williams).

Williams has also made her name as an entrepreneur. She started the "S by Serena" fashion line in 2018 (via Essentially Sports). And she now has her own venture capital firm dedicated to investing in women entrepreneurs (via WWD). Oh, and along with all of that, Williams is a philanthropist too. During the pandemic, she helped get masks to kids who needed them as well as donating 50,000 meals via Instacart to help fight hunger (via Serena Williams). Also, the Williams family started the Yetunde Price Resource Center; named for Serena's eldest sister who died in an act of violence in 2003, it provides resources for those dealing with trauma.

But that's not all. Williams was in two Super Bowl commercials this year, one for Michelob ULTRA and the other for Tonal, an at-home smart gym system (via PureWow). All of this is to say that as much of a worldwide celebrity Williams is now, like many other now big names before her, she once appeared on an episode of "Law & Order: SVU."

Serena Williams played a basketball player on Law & Order: SVU

Nine years after Serena Williams went pro in 1995, she was a guest star on season 5 of "Law & Order: SVU." She played athlete Chloe Spiers. Not a tennis star like she is in real life, but instead her character was a basketball player (via YouTube). Her plot line revolved around her character doing a strip tease at a club after being duped into drinking too much and a frat pledge posting the footage online. She was then scared she'd lose her scholarship if the basketball coach found out. To complicate things, the guy who posted the video — Tyler Henry — was murdered, and with the knowledge of the strip tease video, Spiers' father was a suspect in his murder (per Gothamist).

Before her "Law & Order: SVU" appearance, Williams voiced herself on "The Simpsons" episode "Tennis the Menace" (per IMDb). She also went on to guest star on "ER" in 2005 and appeared as herself in "Ocean's Eight" in 2018 (via IMDB).