Clayton Echard's Fantasy Suites Episode Has Twitter Seeing Red

Even when it was only rumored that Clayton Echard would be heading the 26th season of "The Bachelor," Bachelor Nation was fairly outspoken about their negative opinions of this potential choice. 

Viewers first got to know Clayton as a contestant on Michelle Young's season of "The Bachelorette." "Every week Clayton gets a rose and every week we continue to learn nothing about him," a Twitter user remarked about Echard's time on "The Bachelorette."


After the premiere of Clayton's season of "The Bachelor" in January 2022, viewers were still unenthused about the show's new leading man. 

"Clayton just tried to give his first impression rose to a girl who was engaged like two weeks ago....on a scale from 1 to Pilot Pete how chaotic is his decision making already," one Twitter user remarked, referencing the fact that Clayton attempted to give a first impression rose to Salley Carson, who had been engaged to another man only a few weeks prior to appearing on the show, though she denied the rose, per Screen Rant.

As the contestants continued to vie for Clayton's heart, Bachelor Nation continued to criticize his actions and personality. 

"Today's day and age, everybody likes to jump and push their opinion out as quick as they can," Clayton said about the criticism during an interview on the "Clickbait with Bachelor Nation" podcast, per E! News. "With technology and Twitter and all these different avenues, we're able to get out our opinions as quick as possible."


Now, Clayton's "Fantasy Suites" episode on "The Bachelor" is raising even more eyebrows.

Clayton Echard's actions on the Fantasy Suites episode have spurred even more criticism

On March 8, 2022, one of the most dramatic episodes of "The Bachelor" played out as Clayton Echard got to know his final three contestants a bit, um, better on the Fantasy Suites episode

Clayton went on romantic dates with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, reciting eerily similar lines to both women about how he had fallen in love with them and then consummating his relationship with each in the Fantasy Suites, as Us Weekly reported. 


The third contestant, Susie Evans, had a meltdown before her date with Clayton. She told the cameras that she would have a difficult time moving forward with him if she learned he'd been intimate with either of the women or, even worse, if he'd told them that he loved them.

Susie's time on the show came to an end after getting into an argument with Clayton, who seemed annoyed about her unwillingness to move forward with him as he falls in love (and in bed) with two other women. Clayton dismissed her anxieties, telling her to leave the show because he was "done" with her. He even ensured that she got into a car and left. Ouch.

"The grossest part of this is Clayton's anger toward Susie and his shift of blame to her — what a jerk," a Twitter user said of the episode's dramatic turn of events. "Clayton getting mad at Susie for not explicitly telling him she'd be mad if he boned the other women proves the bar is truly in the basement for men," another Twitter user said.