How John Aniston Has Changed Since His Debut On Days Of Our Lives

John Aniston is one of the most recognizable faces on "Days of Our Lives." The actor, who is also the father of A-list actress Jennifer Aniston, first debuted as Victor Kiriakis in 1985, per Soap Central. Aniston took the fictional town of Salem by storm as Victor, who caused plenty of trouble for many fan-favorite characters. Over the years, Victor has also been quite the ladies man, and has been married to five different women, including Carly Manning, Vivian Alamain, Kate Roberts, Nicole Walker, and Maggie Horton. However, he also considered Caroline Brady one of the great loves of his life. Victor is a former drug lord who also owns one of Salem's most prominent businesses, Titan Industries.

Victor's life has been filled with drama, and fans have loved every minute of it over the decades. While things have slowed down a bit for the character, he is still making moves behind the scenes while his family members and co-workers carry out some of his dirty work. In reality, Aniston's life has also been pretty interesting.

John Aniston had a much different career in mind

After debuting as Victor Kiriakis on "Days of Our Lives," John Aniston's star began to rise. He even opted to test his acting skills by branching out for appearances on television shows such as "Diagnosis: Murder," "Star Trek: Voyager," "Fired Up," "Mad Men," "Cold Case," "American Dreams," "The West Wing," and "Gilmore Girls" (via Bing). He's also had roles in movies like "Sands of Oblivion" and "Return to Zero." Meanwhile, his personal life has also changed since his grabbing the role of Victor in the mid 1980s. Aniston welcomed a son named Alex in 1989.

The actor even considered making a huge career change at one point, per Soap Opera Digest. Aniston admitted in 1986 that he's always had an interest in medicine and even tried to gain admission into medical school in hopes of becoming a doctor. However, he was told that there wasn't a spot for him because of his age. The actor also confessed that he's a jack of all trades and loved to remodel homes, sell real estate, and more in his spare time.

While Aniston's life may have changed since his debut on "DOOL," fans can still count on the character of Victor to remain set in his ways.