If You're A Scorpio, This Is The House Plant You Should Get

The "S" in Scorpio might actually stand for straightforward, as Scorpio signs are naturally forthright. This sign, which falls between October 23 and November 21, is known for being willing to debate on a variety of topics (per Horoscope). Some might say they even thrive on proving their point. Headstrong in every sense of the word, Scorpios enjoy engaging in heated discussions. On the upside, this water sign is also known for being loyal, authentic, and passionate.

Living up to their symbol of a scorpion, they possess a hard outer shell that can prevent people from getting to know them better. It can take time for potential romantic partners and friends to understand what a Scorpio is thinking because they protect themselves and their emotions by remaining distant (via Cosmopolitan). Co-Star explains that Scorpios are "emotional daredevils" who enjoy pushing a partner's buttons — and they know exactly how to do that! They also keep their hard shells protected by only sharing certain information. 

If you're a Scorpio through and through, learning more about your zodiac sign can teach you important lessons and guide everyday decisions. For Scorpios looking to invest in a new house plant that reflects these preferences, we've got the perfect suggestion!

These are the perfect house plants for Scorpios

The Spruce suggests the Venus Flytrap for sly Scorpios looking to buy an interesting house plant. Remember, you can only get near a Venus flytrap to a certain extent before they close themselves up in a move of self-protection. These plants seem to trap prey like carnivores, using two large leaves that quickly hunker down when disturbed. Sound familiar? Scorpios tend to close themselves off in situations where they feel like they need to be protected.

If you're looking for a friendlier plant, look no further than the snake plant (per Better Homes & Gardens). It's no surprise that mysterious Scorpios would enjoy a snake plant, as they have long, upright leaves with sharp edges. As Clarisse Monahan, an astrologer, told the outlet, "The look and shape will be attractive to the Scorpio who likes things darker and with a bit of mystique."

While their name may seem slightly intimidating, once you discover how to best care for them, snake plants are relatively easy to grow. This is why they're a great indoor plant for beginners. You'll need to intermittently place the snake plant in direct sunlight, and be sure to water them regularly, but don't overwater! (per The Spruce). Snake plants can easily rot from being watered excessively, so you'll want to follow close instructions when hydrating them.

Just like independent Scorpio, snake plants have a natural ability to survive on their own and can stay healthy with minimal care.