Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Which Harry Potter Movie He Hates Watching

Fans of "Harry Potter" are dedicated to say the very least. From buying clothing with movie slogans on them to actually getting tattoos of symbols from the films, there is no lengths that these fans won't go to in order to rep their fandom. But there is one thing that not every fan of the movie agrees on — which movie is the best. With eight films to choose from, there are quite a lot of options. It turns out that even Daniel Radcliffe has a favorite and least favorite "Harry Potter" movie, and they just might surprise you.

Whether you're a fan of the wizarding world or not, "Harry Potter" is a coming of age story. Over the eight films, and of course, the books as well, Harry and his friends are grow up. They go through love flings, break-ups, and conflicting family dynamics all while fighting the Dark Lord. It might not be your typical high school experience, but parts of each story are likely recognizable in your own. The interesting thing is that the cast of "Harry Potter" was simultaneous growing up and expanding on their acting at the same time as filming.

So, it only makes sense that Radcliffe has distinct opinions on movies or phases in his life and acting that he liked better than the others. Next time you watch his least favorite, it might just change your opinion as well.

Danielle Radcliffe says this movie is like 'watching a mistake'

It turns out that Daniel Radcliffe is not a fan of his performance in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." It's not for the reason you might think, though. In fact, it has nothing at all to do with the plot and everything to do with his performances. "In every movie up to the sixth one, you can see a big step forward in my acting. And then it stopped, or went backward maybe, in the sixth film," Radcliffe tells Playboy in a 2015 interview.

The harsh criticism didn't stop there. "I remember watching it and thinking, Wow, there's been no growth," Radcliffe continues in the interview. "You're watching a mistake you made every day for 11 months — that's the way I saw it. I had the idea that Harry was like a soldier traumatized by war, and as a result of that, he shuts down emotionally. That's not a bad idea, but it's not the most interesting thing to watch for two and a half hours."

It turns out that this movie doesn't rank as high among the fans, either. According to Time, it was fifth in the list of all the Harry Potter movies ranked, but not for the same reason as Radcliffe. The publication says that fans aren't the biggest fans because the movie leaves out a few key parts in the book, like why Tom Riddle "decides to create the Horcruxes."

The actor also has a definite favorite

Don't think that Daniel Radcliffe is all about the criticism though. He has a favorite movie too. According to Insider, Daniel Radcliffe's favorite movie in the series is "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." Not surprisingly, it also is because of the acting and not the story. 

In the interview, he says he likes: "The fifth one, which is not one that most people cite as one of their favorites. But I got to work with Gary Oldman a bunch in it. And I was sort of a little bit older at that point, so I was able to appreciate that more."

That's not his only favorite, though. It turns out that if he's watching a movie, it's likely "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2." While he didn't say exactly why he liked that one the best, we can only imagine that it's because it's action-packed and ties together everything in one giant bow. Either way, this is one movie franchise that people love knowing all the inside scoops on.